Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Itch

So I’m beginning to have the snowboard itch… it always happens around this time of year. The temperature gets a little crisp, a little clean, and a little cool and you know that the summer is long gone. I usually start with another disappointing year following the Mets season (I know I know, most of you share my grief, and for all the Yankee fan’s reading this, you can’t really judge right about now can you?). Kids start to go back to school, and the fields start to fill with cleats, children playing soccer.

Years ago, I’d have the soccer bug right about now, or better yet, I’d be in full uniform running suicides, heading balls, and playing scrimmages. Those were definitely the good years. I was at the peak of my physical stamina, muscle tone, and all that other fancy gym talk. Now I’m older, my bones are sore, my muscles are slowly becoming fat, and my fat like to laugh at me by jiggling. I haven’t let that stop me from lacing up my boots, strapping on my board and enjoying my winter.

After last years Colorado experience (3 days in Steamboat, 1 day at Copper, and 2 days at Vail {due to avalanche}), I realized that the west coast is the place to be. I will cherish that trip as being my 1st time on REAL snow… almost like I lost my virginity to that mountain. Well for Winter 2009, I am finally going to get my wish, I begged, I pleaded, and I researched and I planned, and now we are all set, deposit paid for, ready to go to WhistlerBlackcomb, British Columbia. I cannot wait! I opted for the same timing as last year, being that it works out best for work and the conditions should be good.

I’ve frequented snowboard equipment websites much to often this summer, not allowing myself to think of the sun, warm breeze, beach, or any other thing you’d think comes with summer. Instead I missed the winter, and wait for its return. I’ve managed to purchase a new Lib Tech TRS MTX for Paul for his birthday, he was definitely excited! And in doing the research I’ve decided that by end of the season, I’m going to save up and grab myself the Gnu B-Pro BTX, cannot wait! I also convinced myself I needed 2 more sets of thermals and extra boots. At this point my luggage won’t even get on the plane!

My cousin, Jomel, 19 in November, has become quite the snowboarding enthusiast. He has been riding for only 1-2 years, hardly often and is basically a beginner, but he has a will, a determination, and a perseverance to strap on no matter how tired, battered and bruised he is. I respect that and cannot wait to hit the trails with him again. Though green trails, I get a thrill just watching him improve. I told him that this year, his maturity is exceptional, and with it comes the invitation to ride with me any weekend that I go. Now that he is a big boy and I don’t have to worry about him too much, I can definitely bring him along during my weekend trips without a second thought.

Anyway back to Whistler – you have to check out this trail MAP!!!

Do you know what’s even more exciting about this trip, it will be 100% drama free, slowness free, and bullshit free! No romantical escapades, no waiting in line to use the bathroom, no waiting to get to the slopes, and no picky eaters! I’m going to be the only girl on the trip, and being that I’m probably quicker than most boys to get ready, we shouldn’t have anything to worry about. My only fear is Jerry holding me down and farting in my face repeatedly, all the while choking me with a snowboard leash (true story). Even better, with Jerry there, I have a friend (outside of Paul of course) to ride with and who likes to see me excel, always giving me pointers and challenging me with harder runs! And the very best part is that he knows how and loves to cook, which means it won’t always be on me! That’s always a blessing. Not that people didn’t cook last season, but of course, being the only female it’s a small fear.

So I can’t wait… a 8 day trip consisting of 2 travel days on the sea to sky highway (supposed to be magnificent) and 6 days of snowboarding! Did I mention the condo? It’s a ski in/out in Whistler Creekside which is a lot quieter and low key… which also means, EMPTY! Just the way I like my mountain! So basically we are staying in a 2 bedroom condo, fully equipped with kitchen, washer/dryer, I believe 2 bathrooms, and balcony (requested to overlook the mountain/chairlifts). Additionally the condo houses a game room, adult game room, movie center, 2 hot tubs, and heated outdoor pool. Can’t get much better than that! I honestly cannot wait! I’ve read such GREAT reviews of this place and even spoke to some locals, ALL of which said that the place is AMAZING!

Anyway, maybe writing about it will alleviate the itch… goodness knows, I got it GOOD! I constantly check out the website as if maybe I’ll read something new and exciting to tell the guys!

Can’t get much better than a good board, good snow, good hotel, and good company!
A picture of the condo & the slopes from a guest last winter!

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