Wednesday, March 31, 2010

WIP Wednesday

So a little crochet update. This week I've been making headway with the blanket... only a few rows left to go...

I also started making a little bumble bee which hopefully will eventually look like this:

but at the moment it looks more like this:

And today I decided to make a headband for myself. I got the pattern from here


Yeah that's right... I just joined the softball team.

Let's see how this goes.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Riding Log: Day 27-28 (Stowe, VT)

So what can I say... the PMS disappeared with the coming of the ... flow and Sierra pulled through to organize yet another successful palooza. But the Friday leading up to it couldn't have been any worse.


With very little sleep and still annoyed about the night before, I showed up to a busy work day with the wrong mind set. My package didn't come, I wasn't riding my new bindings this weekend and then I got home and realized my cell was still at work. Paul apparently doesn't know how to wax a board and cooked the crap out of mine. We had a late start. We had to drive to NYC to pick up my phone before heading up to Boston. Once we were in Boston, Andy's flight was delayed which put us at Stowe past 3AM.

So to make a long story short ... Friday sucked!

But Saturday was oh so much better. We were up early and on time, dressed, and ready to go. Jenn had grabbed for me a Rome Blue with Rome 390 bindings. It was kick ass of her to put her credit card down and go the extra mile to get me hooked up with a demo. Mama Jenn is always lookin' out. We caught up with everyone in the hotel parking lot where I introduced myself to everyone I hadn't yet met. At these moments where we are standing around waiting for people, Paul and Andy get pretty antsy. But it's more than just the riding. We are all there to be together. So with that said... we wait... and they deal. We were waiting for Mike ... the owner of Sierra. He isn't someone you leave behind.

Once we got to the hill, we met up with another Mike (from Rome). I will call him Mike (Rome). We all strapped in, headed to the quad and did a few mach speed blue laps together. I must admit, I've never ridden that fast before. We were riding on sheets of ice sprinkled with granular at speeds most people would be too afraid to ride on good snow. There were like 25 of us, all one by one flying past other riders and skiers. We were fast, we were confident, we had fun. The Blue held up on the conditions so well. I loved the bindings. I loved the set up. I realize now I must get another cambered board. Maybe not now... but eventually. The rockers are fun... but camber is where the speed + stability make sense. I wish I had more close family/friends who were about my size. I need to get rid of that Burton Troop.

We breaked for lunch before doing more of the same. Just fun riding all around. I got some pointers from Dana which was all stuff I'd heard before but being with someone in person who can explain things in a way you can easily understand and apply to your riding made a big difference. My legs were burning from the effort.

Me and Paul strapped in and ready to go

Another shot of the gang

We ended the day by heading to the Darkside shop. Andy's boots broke and he needed new ones. Paul dropped his board and needed it repaired. I got a free I <3 now =")." style="text-align: center;">Paul playing with the manikin's hand

After dinner we piled into the Blazer where the smells were adjusted and headed to the bar where a very generous Mike who just purchased dinner for everyone... bought us a round! We drank another beer... and somehow I convinced Doug and Cheezy to have a dance off. It was a sad display but hilarious. The night was young but we were tired... back at the hotel for bed by 12:30.

On Sunday we left after checking out to pick up breakfast and midol ... and get to the hill. Andy and I were both on our RCs testing it out. To be honest, I was upset at 1st. I wasn't feeling it on the ice. I kept slipping out... it wasn't as aggressive as I thought it was... but then I had a Mama Jenn pep talk. She really had me thinking the right way about myself and about the board. The board is meant to be playful. Meant to have fun on. It can haul ass but that's not what it's made to do and I don't need to do what I'm not comfortable with. After that I was cruising like a champ.

We breaked for a snack and then mostly everyone called it a day. Paul, Andy and I headed up and started practicing ollies and presses... and I got it! Paul built a mound of snow for Andy to jump and he cleared it... then it was my turn. Paul thought I was gonna go around it so he turned away... but nope.... I went for it... and did it! Perfectly! Andy's face was priceless... we both were hooting and hollering smiling like crazy... arms in the air ready for our high 5/hug! It was a great moment... I was so proud... of all of us! We've gotten so much better! I didn't want the day to end... but it did.

I called it a day a few runs later and waiting for the boys. In the mean time I said my good byes to the sierra people and chatted a bit with Mike (Rome). He was so great to talk to and he went above and beyond to ensure we all had a great time. I couldnt have asked for a better trip! Well snow would have been nice but you make due.

From there we got some grub and headed to Boston where Andy and I stayed up watching a really good movie. I forget the name but it was hilarious and filled with extreems.

Monday was gloomy and rainy. We met up with Paul's dad, hung out and had breakfast after Paul's class and after some shopping, I was headed back down to NY. What a long wet drive... but I made it home and the weekend was a total success!

Special Thanks to:
Sierra Snowboard
Rome Snowboard
Stowe Mountain
Stoweflake Mountain Resort and Spa
Matterhorn Bar
The Shed Brewery
The Darkside

And of course to Mike (Sierra), Mike (Rome), Mama Jenn, Phil, Doug, Dana, Erik, Paul, Andy, the Sierra Community and the Rome staff... without each and every one of you... it wouldn't have been the same

Friday, March 26, 2010

If it couldn't get any worse...

Can I get mad at Fed Ex? Probably not. It's my own fault. In a rush to get my bindings ordered (they were the last item), I put in the wrong zip code. I know... who does that. Apparently I do. I called Fed Ex immediately and fixed the problem. The woman promised the package would likely go out Friday if not Saturday. I kept my fingers crossed for Friday. Yesterday I saw that the package was in Brooklyn. I was excited... I mean it's literally 15 minutes away. I called again and they assured me that the package would leave on a truck tomorrow (Friday).

Well today I checked the tracking and it hasn't left Brooklyn for 2 days. It's sitting there ... in a plant, collecting dust... doing no one any good... especially me.

I called again and the person informed me that it doesn't look like it will be going out until Monday or Tuesday. So there goes that... the hope of seeing my new bindings. The hope of using them this weekend at Stowe. The only thing I was really looking forward to today.

Sometimes shit just doesn't work out... over and over and over again.

Boca 2- River 1

sorry Paul

How to feel after last night....

I've decided that drinking only brings about excess... I've also decided that people who can only drink in excess can be excessively annoying.

Last night was Paul's night. His night to invite his friends for a night out at the Radegast Hall in Williamsburg. His night to indulge in the company of friends he can't easily see or stay in touch with while in Boston at school. His night to smile, giggle and laugh. But after a few liters of beer, I'm pretty sure he may have been the only one laughing.

Not handling your alcohol consumption to the point of acting stupid or throwing up has long since been eliminated from my lifestyle. Yes, I was there. Yes, I've made mistakes. Yes, I've learned my lesson. Paul doesn't drink much often, but when he does he gets out of hand. He yells and screams and begs for unnecessary attention by performing obnoxious acts. It gets old fast. It grates on my nerves. I'm embarrassed. Some people think it's funny. Some people laugh. Many don't. He get's a free card because he's so easy to get along with. Or as my cousin stated, he's hot so he can do what he wants. But it's not true. If it were a stranger at another table, we would have complained. If it were a friend, maybe you'd laugh... not with but at said friend's stupidity. But if it were your boyfriend.... you'd be embarrassed and annoyed. I was both.

I've also decided that I don't understand people in their moments of vulnerability. I don't know what to do in situations that I don't know make sense. I don't know if I should step in or wait on the side lines for a possible train wreck to occur. Two adults can make decisions without the interference of me. I chose to sit out the 1st half and maybe step in for round two. But I don't know if round two will even come. If it doesn't, no harm no foul, right?

I also don't know how I feel about the ridicule and picking on me about Paul and my sex life anymore. Unfortunately, Paul fuels the fire by egging people on. But my sex life is my business. Not just is it my business but Paul and I are the only 2 people that know what goes on in our bed. Our bed is a place we sleep together, we cuddle together and can be intimate together. There is no intimacy with an audience, hypothetical or otherwise. I prefer it that way.

I will admit, Paul is attractive, but he doesn't always do attractive things. I'm okay with that. I know how to handle myself. And in handling myself, we have been able to maintain a very healthy relationship. I hope to continue to manage expectations with one another. I hope to
continue to satisfy each other. I hope to continue to engage each other in a fulfilling relationship. There is no crystal ball that will tell me the future of my relationship with Paul, but I can bet my snowboards (yes, I treasure those things) that we will be okay. So yeah... despite looking pretty, sometimes inside he's not. And in those times, no, I cannot see past his ugly actions to see those hazel eyes and cute smile. I can only see a person who can touch me and make my skin crawl and I have a right to feel like that without feeling guilty.

So yeah... 8 hours later and I'm awake, showered, dressed and at work. I'm bitter. I'm angry. I'm frustrated. And I'm disappointed. I feel like I was being judged for feeling annoyed last night. I feel like I was ganged up upon. And I feel like I lost my cool and was unable to hide the frustration brewing inside my body at my surroundings. I wanted to go home. I wanted to be alone. I wanted my own bed ... alone. I wanted to fall fast asleep. I wanted solitude to allow myself to collect my emotions and repackage it into something useful. Because I was maybe 5 minutes away from walking out of a bar... hopping on the L train and heading home myself.

On a positive note, it was nice seeing some old friends. It was nice dreaming about future camping trips. It was nice in the beginning when people were still fairly sober and approachable. It was nice when people still acted their age and could talk. It was nice when we would laugh. It was nice when we told stories. It was nice when we joked around. And ... well I need to focus on remembering that part of the night.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Since we are having a destination wedding and Paul is planning on going back to school post nuptials, we hadn't thought much about a honeymoon. That's not to say we won't have one, but it's not that important to us. What's a honeymoon but another vacation together right? It will just be our 1st one as a married couple... but we will be in Colorado as a married couple as well.

So the pressure is off, but that doesn't mean you can't plan it right?

So ideas have been tossed around for years.... a snow and sun honeymoon. There are few options where we can accomplish this... South America or Australia. We can also fly from one location to the other.

I love South America, but it seems fitting we should go somewhere new. Somewhere neither of us have been before for our honeymoon. So why not Australia. It's fairly high on both our lists and it would be a 100% new experience for each of us. So here is my idea.

I'd want to fly into the South. In Victoria possibly or across the border in New South Whales (NSW) at Charlottes Pass. It is the highest elevation in Australia and unlike other mountains, it get's completely snowed in. You cannot get there unless you have snow transport. But once you are there... it is truly a winter wonderland. They lift tickets are comparable to high end US resorts and the town looks lovely. But the terrain is limited and the skiable inbounds acres are few. There are backcountry tours though and many other options in the area. It might be worth a day trip just to ride in this:
From there I'd like to take a puddle jumper north to the Northern Territory to hike, kayak, camp and tour the outback. I wouldn't want to miss Katherine Gorge! Check this out! I don't want to see the crocodiles up close though - no thank you!

From that I'd need some relaxation with my Man so maybe some beach time in Queensland. Sun, water, beach swim... yum. The seasons, the logistics and the funds may not make this dream honeymoon work but I can dream....

Imagine the perfection of snow... adventure... and relaxing beach all in one trip =) Talk about REALLY experiencing what you love in a place unknown.

Exicted About the Weekend?

I'm having a hard time getting myself excited about this weekend. Sure I'll be with Sierra people... one's I've never met before and some that I have. I'll be snowboarding. I'll be in VT. The alcohol will be flowing and I'll be happy. But I'm having a hard time getting excited about it... and I think I know why.

I'm not looking forward to Friday.

In an ideal world, I'd be carpooling up to VT with some SS people... arriving around between 8 and 10 PM if not earlier. Partying at the cocktail party. Trying on demos. Meeting Rome sales representatives. Eating dinner with the gang. And getting to know new people.

Instead I'll be driving to Boston - way out of the way so that Paul can get his stuff and so that we can pick up Andy who won't be arriving until 10:30 PM. Then we will be off to VT ... another 3.5 hours. We won't be getting there till 1:30-2AM. I'll be missing all the Friday night festivities. I'll be tired for Saturday riding. And I will probably go the day not meeting anyone new till at night as it usually works out for big groups.

Here is the part that rubs me wrong... Andy could have flown with a stop over from DFW to Burlington, VT (not far from Stowe) but he will only fly American. Because he has 'status'. Well you know what... big fucking deal! Make an exception. That way you are not inconveniencing others. I was expecting Paul to be in Boston any how - but you know what... he's not. So Boston wouldn't have even been on the route of places to go but now we must. 2nd... Andy is flying out of a different airport than Paul and I from Tahoe too... why? Because of American. I just think at this point it's selfish.

All in all, I think I should have just left after work and went alone. Left them to their own devices but I had already agreed. However, I agreed under an understanding that was not the truth. But it's okay... I'll get there when I get there and I'll make the best of the time I have there. The long drive though... I'm not looking forward to.

It's funny how these SS trips are working out. I went from going alone to rolling in with Paul and Andy. But I guess it's okay. These are still my friends... not theirs. I talk to them every day. I care about them and they care about me. WA and Tahoe will be on my terms. I won't let them dictate my schedule. Every man for themselves. I did a lot to help them be able to attend all these events. I'm sure they appreciate them. It just sucks being on my end...

I need to give less ... at least once in a while. I need my thing. I need my outlet. I thought this was it... but it didn't really work out that way. Maybe I will find something yet....

Nail Biter

I've bitten my nails my whole lift. As a kid, I bit my nails... as a teen, I bit my nails and my cuticles. As an adult, I bite my cuticles but not my nails.

The last few weeks, I've once again become a nail biter.

I don't know if it's stress, of it it's just that my snowboard gloves have created dry brittle nails... but they are gross and my nail biting is not helping.

Please help me get out of this disgusting habit!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

WIP Wednesday Update

So here is the now larger baby blanket I'm making for my friend. I hope they really like it. More to come!

Here is the hat I made for Paul. I must admit... my Man is pretty darn good looking with that scruff. He is laughing at the prospect of modeling his hat for my blog. He is also intently playing xbox.

And where it all started. My great grandmother used to sew and crochet. My grandmother used to sew, crochet and knit. And my mother claims to know how to knit but I've never seen it. She crochets though. And is a sewing disaster.

In college she made me an afghan (below) to fit my twin sized bed. I still have it... navy blue and pills from too many washes. She is currently working on a beautiful eggplant colored afghan for my 11 year old sister. It's beautiful so far.

And here is a zig zag patterned blanket that has been around since I was a baby. I don't believe it's my baby blanket. Maybe it's Lauren's. None the less, it has gone through some trauma but will stay with me always. Faded but still bright enough to be tacky =)

WIP - Crochet Updates

This post will have no pictures... but I'll try and get some up tonight.

Last week, I was crocheting like mad to get Kyle, Amanda and Andy's beanies done by the weekend. Then I realized, Paul deserved a new one. So Thursday and Friday were spent making him a black and orange beanie... a la Halloween.

Since then I've been working like mad on the BabyPhat blanket. It's about 3 times as big as the last photo I put up. I'm a bit worried about the blue and white stripes. Apparently it resembles a Israeli baby blanket. Oh well. I plan on learning how to make baby booties and mittens to match. I hope they like it and I hope the baby gets good use out of it.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

PMS vs Crank vs Stress

PMS? Maybe. Adjusting? Maybe. A sign of something bigger? Maybe.

This week has only just begun and I can already tell that I'm exhausted. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and any other way you can be tired.

Things I've noticed:

Paul has been home since Friday. Instead of being excited and enjoying our time together, he has grated on my nerves. I'm not as neat as him. He's exceptionally OCD neat. A true minimalist. I'm not... and it's driving me crazy. He comes home constantly to a house I feel is in order (and friends who've come over also thought were fine) and has ridiculed me, harped on me, lectured me and talked down to me. In those moments he talks to me as if I am his child rather than his peer. He forgets that he doesn't live here. He forgets that I'm an adult. He forgets that I pay the bills. He forgets that I demand and deserve respect.

It's brought me way down. I mean I see his side... he can't live like this... but I can't live like that. We need to figure something out and it has to start with how he goes about expressing himself. There is no way I won't snap at him or lash back if he talks to me the way he does. And it's something we need to start working on soon because the wedding is right around the corner.

On a brighter note. Paul is making dinner. Salmon and a big salad... I'm pretty excited for it. He doesn't always do it without help but any help from him is a load off my plate and I appreciate it. Especially after a long day like today.

Jealousy...? Perhaps:
Yesterday I had to take the train up to my mom's to babysit in the night/morning so she could leave super early for yet another unfruitful court date. While on the train we both got to crocheting our respective blankets. She actually said that she may want to switch to something else... sometime the rest of us can't do. The rest of us meant Lauren and I. So I said that as kids she tried to get us to crochet for so long... now she wants us not to?

After some silent thinking... I figured it out. She's likely jealous. Lauren and I, though not as versatile with a hook and thread, are catching up. We are quick learners and we are getting a lot of attention for it. People are asking us for tips. We are being asked for hats, blankets, toys etc... and we are good at it. We are super fast and efficient too. And we are having fun.

So ... jealous much? Probably. One think she has always hated is competition. What's the most threatening competitor but one's younger, skinner, lighter, more efficient daughter.

I'm going to see many of them this weekend at Stowe, but I won't be seeing many more. But as for my non-boardsnow friends... I haven't seen them in ages and maybe even grown apart from many of them. I don't think I have 1 girlfriend... yeah sometimes it worries me.

Has been driving me crazy from birth... nothing has changed though recently they've seen to make me bipolar... giving me immense highs and bottomless lows.

My back has been bad... I mean bad. It takes all of me not to drown it out with muscle relaxers. The crick in my shoulder is starting to be felt in my elbows and then wrist. It has to be muscular and not nerve... at least I think so.

Additionally - on a gross TMI note, I've had the worst dry scalp ever. The itching is insane. I need to get back on my tea tree oil and medicated wash regimen tonight because it's starting to be noticeable to others.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Riding Log: Day 26 (Okemo, VT)

So after some car trouble and a weekend of rain, it was time to get back on the snow... however wet that snow may be. We decided to give our patronage to Emilio's Ski Shop in Forest Hills and join their group bus trip to Okemo, VT. It was a steal at $90 for lift tickets and transportation. Okemo tickets are $79 ... so for $11 more dollars we got round trip transportation.

The day started off kind of rocky. The alarm going off at 3AM is only part of the reason the morning started off so bad. Jomel arrived a bit late, Paul was cranky, I was cranky, and the drive to the shop (about 8 blocks) was fast... but parking was not. I ended up driving all the way back to my apartment where I had to leave my car parked in exactly the same spot as it was parked the night before. This allowed Paul some I told you so's... he wanted us to walk the 8 blocks with our gear, but I beg to differ. No way my back could survive a 8 block walk lugging gear plus a 5 hour bus ride on top of no sleep and still ride. He sometimes forgets that other people are involved and only cares about how he'd feel. It rubs me the wrong way often. I have to remind myself that he's always been like this... selfish in many ways. I am not the only one whose noticed it... we joke about it often, but its not a joke... it's sad and it needs to change. Hopefully some growing up will happen and it will.

After boarding the bus, we were off to VT. It was a rough trip in the sense that we were all tired as hell and uncomfortable. Sleep was hard to come by. But we were in VT early and we were excited to finally get our gear on and get on the hill.

The conditions were typical spring... soft, wet, fun... then it turned to super wet, slow, not as fun. It was t-shirt weather... sweat... smelly... but still fun.

My back was not happy after a few rough falls... 1 where I landed face 1st into the snow in front of a group of on lookers. Paul couldn't stop himself from laughing... I couldn't stop myself from laughing ... yet I couldnt shake the funk either. It hurt like hell. I jumped off a nice little lip that Paul decided he'd keep to himself. The height of it caught me by surprise and I landed on my butt. Warning would have been nice. He really doesn't give me any credit. He thought if I knew how big it was I wouldn't take it. Little does he know me... those are the only things I like taking. But being prepared for them is what allows me to land them. I'm not one of those people who react mid air and know what to do. It takes the correct mind set and body positioning. I'm still learning!

Anyway I ended up calling it a day early... but I still got a full day in. My legs are still aching. My back is still sore. My smile is still broad.

The bus ride home didn't have the same complications as the way up. My tired body gave into sleep and I managed to stay asleep from VT to the Whitestone Bridge.

Some grub, a shower, tv and bedtime were all that was happening after that day.

Thanks to: &

Friday, March 19, 2010


Northeasters!!!! My East Coast people.... please join me and my friends in Stowe, VT next weekend for a fabulous ski/snowboard trip! $235 includes 2 night stay at the Stoweflake Resort and Spa as well as 2 full day lift tickets!

Partying, friends, instruction, rider improvement, networking, and friends for life... that's what you get with us!

Wedding Ideas

Navy, Ivory, Pewter, simple, homemade....

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Winter -> Spring

Only 2 more days of Winter. How does this make me feel?

I'm sad. I'm preparing to say good bye to the hobby/sport/activity/recreation I love most, snowboarding. I've spent many summer days anticipating winter. I've spent many fall nights, glued to the weather report hoping for an early snow. I've checked countless websites hoping the temps would drop low enough to blow the fake snow. And then winter comes. In a flash. Fast, bright, white, cold, gone...

So I suppose I'm sad.... but I'm also excited.

The spring brings end of season spring riding. Riding on soft wet slush. Sun. T-Shirts. Laughs. Beer. And falling doesn't hurt so bad.

I'm also excited because the days are getting longer. The air is smelling fresher. The sun is getting warmer. Which means... camping days will start soon, kayaking will start soon, long walks will start soon, outdoor meals will start soon.. summer is around the corner too!

So yeah... one door closes and another opens. You just have to find the treasures hidden within each door.

Wedding Updates

So after much talk.. we picked a date... a while ago 1/8/2011

We also picked a venue after looking at a few... the Beaver Run Resort

We also picked a photographer... J Nelson Photography... I love them by the way

We also had engagement shots done - that I posted about

And now I've picked a wedding dress. It's not perfect. It's not what I had in mind. But its fine.

There are a few things... I'm still tossing around. I think the colors will be white and pewter.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Late Night Craft Post

Since my last post I put together 1 more hat. It's for Andy ... I think it's a bit more manly but still incorporates a color scheme which should match his snowboard gear.

I hope he likes it.

Crochet Update

So I've made a bunch of hats... but didn't get pictures of any and have already given them to their intended owners. If anyone out there is reading this and has a hat... take a picture and send to me =)
So here are a few pics of some finished hats and some works in progress...I made this hat for Andy to match his snowboard jacket. I think it might be too green or even too girly. If he doesn't like it... I do so I guess I can keep it.

I made this hat for Amanda at her request. It's a very loose fitting open beanie. Good for spring and as an accessory.

Tonight after dinner, I sat down and made this for Kyle. He requested a bright yellow winter beanie. I couldn't picture an all yellow beanie looking good. So I added some black. It's a little bumble bee-esqe. Lets see if he likes it. I have enough yellow to make him a plain yellow one.

A work in progress. I thought this yarn would look much different. It was originally purchased for Kyle's hat. Thankfully he requested the yellow. This yarn is UGLY! I thought it would make a decent hobo bag. So I'm experimenting with it. I have no pattern or directions - lets see how it turns out. I mean... it can't get any uglier!

A good friend, Pat, is expecting his 1st baby.. a boy. I decided to test my crocheting blanket making skills and make his son a baby sized afghan. I may have went a little big, but at least he can use it into toddler years. I hope the blue and white stripes aren't too bold. I couldn't bring myself to make a baby blue blanket.

So like snowboarding... progression. I get better every day that I wake up to breath in fresh air and take in new knowledge.