Saturday, January 14, 2012

Riding Log: Day 6 (Hunter)

Hunter? You live in Boston now!
Yep... Hunter.

I hadn't ridden with my bro and sis all season and it was time to get them on the hill. So... we made it happen!

We dragged Andy with us too! We got to my Mom's late Friday night and hit the road early Saturday AM. Kyle showed me his riding ... on his new 110cm Chopper and boy did he have trouble. The board is bigger than he's used to and the stance he had was wider than the little man's legs could handle. After some tweaking he picked up his game but definitely is still getting his snow legs back.

Amanda on the other hand, really stepped it up this year. I'm really proud of her. You can tell she's more confident and pushes herself. It makes a big sis smile!

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