Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Are hilarious!  They are so innocent and funny.... and I wanted to make sure I jotted these down before I forgot them!

"Tobacco Free Zone"

My brother (8 years old) excitedly told me all about his summer baseball camp.  How he worked on his fielding and is much better now.  Batting is still his favorite.  But then he exclaimed "Can you believe it?  They had a sign at the field that said 'Tobacco Free Zone'.  Hello, there are kids everywhere.  It's at a field for kids!"  He was seriously appalled they would go handing out tobacco... for free no less!  I started laughing.  I explained to him that the sign meant this zone is to be FREE OF TOBACCO.  He laughed at himself.  He felt a bit silly but ... I thought it wasn't a bad assessment.  I mean, who thought of the language behind that sign.  As an 8 year old, I'm sure I thought that they were handing out free dip.  It was a baseball field after all.

"Elbow Grease"

Driving from NYC to Boston takes about 3 hours.  Driving from NYC to Boston with my brother and sister in the back seat feels like 5 hours.  But then you talk and you hear things that are gems!  I was telling Paul that I don't like the Armorall the car wash place used on the seats.  It was shiny and oily and felt a bit slimy.  My little brother asked, "Why do you get car washes?  Why don't you just do it yourself?  Or why not let the rain just clean your car!? "  My response was simple, "The car was really dirty.  It was even dirty on the inside.  They really needed a lot of elbow grease to clean this thing!"  He immediately shrieked and said, "EWWWWW, that's what this stuff is?  Elbow Grease?". 

Yes folks, my brother thought that they took the sweaty grease right from their elbows and polished up our seats.  Haha I love a child's innocence.

"That's Not My Name"

Today while chatting over IM with my little sister we were discussing our upcoming camping trip.  Read below:

 Sister:  kk thank you(:
 me:  no prob bob
 Sister:  my name isent bob....
 me:  isent is also not a word so I guess we are even steven
 Sister:  -__-

I may refer to my sister as Bob or Steven until the end of our camping trip =)

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