Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Can I Afford to Eat Organic + GMO-Free?

I am not so sure, but I do plan to try.  I find that I'm generally more successful at doing this in the summer because of our CSA which is not certified organic, but Siena Farms does use sustainable techniques and do not use peticides and herbicides. 

Here are a few things I've changed in our kitchen and I few I plan to change - I've stared [*] the items we've already begun to do,  I've put this marker [~] for items we occassionally do (when the $ permits), and I've left things we plan to do with no notation

  • *Join a CSA and allow it to provide 90% of our vegetible produce from June - November & 40% from December - Allowable.
  • *Purchase Bob's Red Mill Flour to use in baking - WW when possible
  • *Cook at home from scratch! 
  • *Buy what's in season rather than what you are craving
  • *Can can can!  Can the summer harvest of local fruit and veggies (Farmer's Market) whenever possible (or freeze)
  • ~Purchase 100% organic eggs
  • Purchase 100% organic dairy products (especially milk & cheese)
  • Puchase organic GMO free whole chicken and cheaper cuts of beef
And remembering that when we can't stick to these changes, to still practice consuming healthy alternatives (instead of that cupcake... mmmm cake!)

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