Tuesday, October 18, 2011


This whole occupy wall street has been getting out of hand. In my opinion, the protesters original argument has some basis. I agree with some of it... I stress the some. But now there are people tooting their horn about everything from anti homosexuals to anti Asians. I think they either got on the wrong bus or clearly can't read.

I think that people in general are now sending the wrong message and because of that it needs to stop. Corporate greed is not good. However, we helped create a society which allows it. In my opinion, get the credentials, the education, the brains to work in the corporate sector and make your change... make it 1 step at a time. No great things come over night.

It frustrates me that I left a great job in NYC to move to Boston and now be out of work. I'm actively looking. I check job search sites, I talk to recruiters, I go on interviews and I try and put my best foot forward. Even out of work though, I have not once asked for a hand out. We pay our bills, I saved... I knew I'd be out of work for a bit and I saved. So when I here people bitching and whining while toting their Luis Vuttons sipping on margaritas... I get annoyed. Be a part of productive society!

A couple of weeks ago I walked past the protesters on my way home from an interview. I had to shake my head. Their message... is being lost. So now it's time to think of a new strategy. What that strategy is... I don't know. But crapping and littering our streets is not it.

I'm not huge on current events, I'm not an advocate for social responsibility, but I still have an opinion and that's it... By all means practice your 1st amendment rights. Everyone should! But once you see it's not working, or once you are getting lost in a sea of people so far removed from your movement you can't be heard... it's time to rethink your strategy.

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