Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Ducks, Lobster and Rockport

The State House

This past weekend, my Mother in Law was in town for a visit. It was her 1st time visiting us in Boston since we've moved here. She loved the apartment and we were grateful for her visit. She arrived Saturday and we quickly gained 5 lbs each. She brought Argentinian pastries from NYC... dangerous I tell you!
Yes that's a bar... in an old police department!

Soon after stuffing our faces, we drove to Copley to take the Duck Boat Tour. It was Paul's and Ana's 1st time. I think they thought it would be more fun than it actually was. Our guide wasn't as good as the one I had when Andy and my Father in Law were in town.... Also I don't think Ana cares much for the history of Boston... and well that's really all there is to see here... history.

After naps we ate some mediocre Cuban food and hit the hay.

Sunday we had breakfast and went to church (more on that later) and then headed ... back to the Duck Tour. I left the photos we bought at a bar we went to for drinks ... and they couldn't find it anywhere! Who takes someone else's pictures? I'm guessing a bus boy threw them in the trash. The people at the Duck Boat were nice enough to reprint our photos free of charge... THANK YOU!

We then drove the 45 minutes north to Rockport. Ana loved the small walking town. We must have went into every single shop. The weather was perfect and the view went on for miles. I love that town and I LOVE THEIR LOBSTER. We each had at least one (Paul had 2)! It was a cheat day after all.

I managed to find the cutest hand knit sweater from Mexico. I love it. I didn't think it would fit at first glace but it was the last one and I couldn't stop looking at it... so I tried it on and it fit! At 30% off I jumped at the chance and bought it! Paul gave me a thumbs up! I can't wait to rock it in the cooler weather... I LOVE colors!

I'm so so on the fringe... but I took a peak before purchasing and I can remove them without harming the sweater!

Remembering the pants I found at a store the last trip to Rockport... I went back into the same small store. They were 50% off! The pants I loved but wouldn't spend $25 were now only $12.50. I tried them on and Paul said they were cute... great summer lounge pants. So I bought those too... followed by the biggest ice cream cone EVER!

So yeah we had a pretty good weekend =)

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