Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spring & Growing

It's that time of year again... that time with the temperatures start rising, the days are getting longer, and my yearning desire to grow foods is in full effect.

This year Paul and I joined our local CSA. I'm so excited for my ~bushel of veggies to be delivered to my office every week. But what about the herbs... yum. I know the CSA includes a few fresh herbs once in a while, but I still plan to grow my own.

Last years basil plant was a true success. If I kept up with trimming and cutting it, it may have lasted longer. Alas, you live and learn. And 5-6 months was not a bad life span in my kitchen.

Our kitchen has a window above the sink with a curtain rod... but no curtain. What? I like the sunlight, the crappy view and the link to the outdoors (err road/strip mall). None the less... it's a perfect window to get sunlight and it's a perfect location to be close to my hands when cooking. So I decided that this spring I'll be planting some herbs inside hanging from this empty curtain rod.

So here are my thoughts....

Here is the window. It's a pretty large window right? Look at that light? (Don't look at the mess of a kitchen or ugly paint color and cabinets).

So I'm thinking from that rod I can hang these from the curtain rod:

All photos from Ikea - click photo for direct link

This would also look great - I love that they hang lower and are super feminine

I also thought something like this could look cute hanging - and you could fill it with cute colorful tiny pots of your favorite small herbs.

I thought these were all inexpensive yet pretty ways to bring herbs into our kitchen. Lets see what Paul thinks!

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