Thursday, September 20, 2012

Unfinished & Other Projects!

This blog post is really just to keep me honest!  I have WAY too many unfinished projects.

Baby Girl Cardigan:
A few weeks back I decided I was going to try a new project.  I grabbed some baby yarn that Paul had picked out and got to work following this pattern - Swing Set Cardigan.  You need to have a Lion Brand account to view it.  Sign up, it's free!

I finally got all the pieces done and put it together.  Aside from one sleeve being a bit wider than the other, I think it turned out pretty good for the 1st time.  I still have to sew on a cute button & weave in the tails.  (I hate that part the most).  I'll be sure to update you with photos!

Face Cloths turned Facial Pads:
I had some cute Red Heart Eco-Cotton Yarn in Candy Marl.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with it.  I began making a face cloth by following a pattern for a granny square with a rounded center.  I thought it would be an easy project to do on the road since it's small, compact & easy.  As soon as I got home, I changed my mind.  I have a bunch of terry face cloths now and I hardly use those.  What is the sense in making more.  What I could use more of is cotton balls or cotton pads to apply Lavendar Witch Hazel Toner to my face.  I recently had to purchase another package of cotton.  And being tha I want to limit single use items in our home, why not make some facial pads with my cotton yarn.  I think they'd make great scrubbies too for make up removal & exfoliating.  I plan on following the following patterns 1 & 2 ... or just making a simple 2-3 inch round.  Now I'll just need to find my mesh bag for delicates.  I'm sure it's somewhere.

I also plan on sewing some square flannel cloths of about the same size.  I think the flannel may end up better for toner application and the scrubbies better for face washing.  I won't know until I test them out.

I believe that will limit my cotton use to nail polish remover only.  Not too shabby.

Sewing Update:

I haven't picked up my machine in forever, but I seriously need to get onto tailoring a few things or I'll have these stacks of clothes sitting in the sewing basket FOREVER.

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