Monday, January 26, 2009

Activate Your Life!

Many of us talk a big talk; running our mouths about losing weight, quitting smoking, eating better, being healthier, working harder, etc… Tell me how many of us have actually done these things or made more than a weak attempt. I can’t list too many names myself and for those who know me, my name wouldn’t even cross your mind to tag onto that almost empty list.

Life is short and it seems like we spend so much time bickering about it, we spend less time acting for it.

Life is a series of events linked together into one. Events can be defined as actions. Many of my own actions begin and end with verbal complaints and at times are goals expressed but never acted on. These seemingly unacceptable lives we lead are only a joining of our actions. Therefore, if we are unhappy with our lives, we must actually ACT in order to change it.

I’ve come across many pity parties the last couple of days including my own. It’s time that all ends. I’m sick and tired of listening to other people’s banter and I’m more then sick of seeing people I care about make the same mistakes one after another. We say we need to change our life styles but we so easily jump back into our old skin. We so easily ask for advice only to dismiss everything said and do what stupid actions you were going to do anyway. Why waste your time and more importantly why waste mine?

Don’t ask me for favors, don’t ask for an open ear, don’t ask for my shoulder to sop up with your tears when you aren’t willing to put in the effort and change your lift.

Don’t say your cloths don’t fit and you are gaining weight if you aren’t willing to trade in that plate of greasy food for a light salad.

Don’t say that you hate your job without updating and sending out your resume.

Don’t say you aren’t healthy unless you are willing to show up at the gym your money has no problem making it to.

Don’t say you are lonely without trying to network.

Don’t say you hate your man and not be willing to dump him.

Don’t say you need to save money and not leave the credit cards at home.

Don’t say you cannot sleep without spending night after night for a week in your bed, in the dark, without the TV on for HOURS till it happens… your body WILL adjust.

Don’t say you can’t learn something new without giving it your attention and open mind.

Don’t judge a person without willing to be judged yourself.

Don’t insult for you too can be insulted.

Don’t complain without taking action.

I fall victim to this as well, but always found it easier to pin point this fault in others. I will work out today; even if for only 30 minutes because being healthy and being able to snowboard and perform well are important to me. I will no longer complain about my size, shape, or endurance without trying to improve it. I will try and eat healthy in order to live healthy. I will update my resume and think of my options. I will save money by bringing lunch and buy less frivolous things. And I will appreciate the good things in my life for they are abundant.

Basically I’m going to activate my life… I’m going to LIVE it instead of letting it live for me. Do the same! If you chose not to, please don’t come to me to complain… don’t bring your bad juju to me. If you want to wallow in your own self pity, please do it in your own bathtub… I like mine tear free!

side note: if you read this and fear I'm writing about you - I'm probably not, but I hope your guilty conscience is enough to get your ass to motivate!

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Kat said...

Wow...were we ever on the same wavelength today or what?

Your words hit home because they ring so true!!