Monday, December 21, 2009

Riding Log - Day 1 and 2 (TRidge & Hunter)

I was finally able to start my season and not at a moment too soon. I've been itching, scratching, and whining my way through late November and early December.

Saturday night I finally got my wish... we packed into my Mom's minivan with skis/boards in tow. We had Bryan, the 2 kids, Jomel and Paul together and we headed strait for the lift after some getting the kids ready. Kyle was a bit shaky at 1st... nerves and longer skis to get over, but once he found his own, it was back to smooth sailing. He wasn't as parallel as usual, but that will come as he gets used to the longer skis. Amanda disappeared as usual. Her 1st run had to be a blue. She's still wild and fearless on the mountain, but her form is a loose and wide... a winter of lessons should clean up her form nicely.

I was a little disappointed in myself. Forget being out of shape, I expected that. I was actually nervous... like skidded a bit on some ice (on a green!), was really stiff and apprehensive.

Sunday we woke up a bit late but headed to Hunter. We were hoping it got hit with some of that '' Blizzard'' Everyone was talking about, but we so no trace of it. Oh well, Hunter made a ton to play in. We stuck mostly to blue runs with the kids, which can get boring after a while, but the snow was decent and Kyle was booking it so it definitely wasn't a drag. Doing that many turns on such a short run and helping him up often definitely worked out some muscles and I'm sore today. Hopefully after the next week or two, the soreness won't happen anymore and the confidence will come back.

I can't wait to head up again after Christmas with the family. But I definitely need an only adult riding day soon... work them legs out and get over that fear.

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