Monday, December 28, 2009

Riding Log: Day 4 (Hunter)

So today I took the kids to Hunter Mountain for my Day 4 and their Day 3. It was a good day. We drove up in some snow but it started to clear up the more north we went. The drive wasn't too bad, the little bugger slept and Amanda talked the whole way.

Once we got there we were greeted by a filling parking lot and intense lift ticket lines. I assumed it was the Holiday crowd and wondered if riding was a good idea. We were there and we'd make the best of it. Once at the ticket window, we were informed that the main quad was broken and wouldn't be running all day. I figured we were there so what the hell. They gave us $20 off coupons for each lift ticket. I paid $0 for mine since I had a free one sitting on my Big Lift card, Kyle was $10 and Amanda was $43... and I got $60 in gift cards sooo... it was WIN!

The lift lines were crazy long... like 20 minutes long. That got old fast. Especially when some of the park rat asses cut in line or refused to ride with strangers to make 4s. But I just tried to stay happy and enjoy my time with Kyle and Amanda.

Amanda ran through the runs like a speed demon which also made her fall tons. She took a few spills but skiing that fast with no turns will do it to you. I'm glad both kids start ski lessons again this coming week. They need to tighten up their technique and they don't always listen to me, so it will push them over their plateau into the next level of skiing.

Kyle continues to surprise me with both is natural skill and love for the sport. He doesn't want breaks, he doesn't want to wait on lift lines, he doesn't want to wait for me to strap in. He barrels down that mountain like he owns it and when he falls, he laughs it off, tries to get up as fast as he can and keep on going.

I'm really blessed to have family members who have the same or similar passions as myself. It allows us to bond over a common love and I really appreciate it. I'm sure some days I look to these days as wasted... I didn't ride hard or push myself, but it's a great time with them... and one day I'm sure they'll be slowing themselves down to allow me to keep up with them.

Snow karma... :) ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

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