Thursday, December 24, 2009

Riding Log: Day 3 (Hunter)

Bright ideas don't often come from me, but when they do, it can be exciting. I decided that I wasn't going to work on Christmas Eve. I had worked all week and got most of my things done. I spent many days just goofing off waiting for the break. With 1 vacation day left and only 1 week left in 2009, I decided I'd go snowboarding instead. I mentioned it to Paul and Andy and after some careful planning and help from my sister and bro-in-law for gift transport, I spend Christmas Eve on the slopes.

I tried out my new soft goods and I must say that they do the job. Maybe a little baggy, but it gets the job done. Unfortunately I had all my gear up at my mom's so I had to whip out the new Solomon F20's and they were super stiff and needed to be broken in. I couldn't feel my feet all day. I also had no goggles. I borrowed Paul's old one's but they were garbage after he chucked them all over the mountain.

Andy and Paul came up with me and it was my 1st day of real riding... big boy/girl riding on only blacks/double blacks. We got up there at 9:30 and left by 2:00. It was more or less a full day with no lift lines and no lunch break.

Me, Andy & Paul - Hunter Mountain (Xmas Eve 2009)

It was a nice day... the morning was filled with fog at the peak, but that faded as the day went on. We hit 2 runs on the backside which were nice. They were ungroomed and kinda hilly. I fell a lot but tackled a lot as well. The front side was good... some icy spots but it's the ice coast after all.

It was Andy's 1st day out on the snow and he sped through as always. He was bugging out a bit on the Evo, a little short and soft compared to what he's used to but then he strapped the TRS on and I think he liked it, but is still getting used to the MTX. Anytime Paul or I would talk tech, he'd say he doesn't understand French. Silly boy!

All it all it was good riding. My quads burned and were literally shaking by the last 2 runs. I had to sit 1 run out for my feet, another for my quads and in the end... I bailed while the boys did 1 more run. I felt a little pathetic but at the same time... I gotta get back in there.

We hopped in the car by 2:15 and were on the road. We all made it back to our respective families in time for Christmas Eve dinner... and I even got some sledding in with my baby brother. I'd say it was a win day!

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