Friday, December 10, 2010

Riding Log: Day 1 (Killy)

So here begins the 2010-2011 snowboard season. With wedding planning, family drama handling, sick grandma stressing... snowboarding was pushed way... way back in the priority list.

But this weekend I was asked by Paul to make an exception. Stress levels were high. He was done with school and moving home. And needed a ride home from Boston... so why not hit the slopes on the way home? After contacting a few buddies, the trip was set. Meeting at Killington bright and early for a full day of shred and then a long drive back to NY so I can see my grandma on Sunday.

So we made it happen... I drove to Boston and then I drove from there to Killington the next morning after packing the car bright and early. We managed to get to the gondola at a decently early time considering all the moving, packing, and ... um... me putting my bindings on backwards. Woops.

I rode my Roxy Eminence BTX.... it felt stiff, but it felt good. My legs were weak and my confidence had a bit of growing to do, but I kept up my speed, held my edge and rode with my friends. But soon enough, we were hungry and needed a lunch stop. After filling ourselves with food and some beer we headed back out. It didn't take long for my legs to turn to jello and I called it a day by around 3PM. Paul and K8 took 1 more run while Dlaw and I had a ollie lesson from Stan. I learned that learning forward 1st to gain some momentum makes a huge difference, that I twist my knee in instead of out (evidence by my pictures in the past) and that my Roxy is very stiff and hard to hold a press.

The drive home was luckily done by Paul... we found that carrying that much stuff after a long drive and lots of snowboarding is not fun. But we made it happen... and it was worth it to finally get my 1st day under my belt.

Having friends out west to start making turns in October makes an Ice Coaster jealous sometimes. It was nice to finally be on the snow... and it worked... for that 1 day... I was more or less stress free.

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