Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Victim of Circumstance

We are all victims of circumstance. As independent individuals, it is our duty to God and to ourselves to manipulate our own environment for good. Excuses without effort begets nothing. Words without actions are only sounds. Thoughts are only dreams. Plans are only hopes. But with action we have our only shot at success.

If you are unhappy then why wallow? Why not change? In fact you have little to lose if you are already unhappy. Risk all that is wrong and maybe even some that is good to find your happiness. No one else will find it for you. You not finding it own your own is no one else's fault.

Find your God, whether it be Allah, Christ, Yahweh or The Higher Being. Find your god and lean on Him. Rely on that support. He will give you courage to bring your thoughts and words into action.

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