Friday, December 31, 2010

Riding Log: Day 3 (Hunter)

Today we headed back up to Hunter for a ski day with the kids before we head back to Queens for NYE. Today was a disaster. The day started off innocently enough... unload, get dressed, buy lift tickets.... encounter massive lift lines. So we head to the back and do some of the hardest terrain K has ever encountered. Though he did well... his little legs were DONEZO... I've been there so I didn't push him. After a break for lunch we headed back up.... and did some more runs.

At one point we were headed down a mogul steep when 2 skiers stopped and yelled at us to be quicker. Well we weren't going that slow... we weren't standing in the center of the massively wide trail, and shit... I'm with a 6 year old! Well, they didn't like my... "Just go the Eff around us" comment... so one got dangerously close to us and sprayed us. Well that sparked some fire in Paul... who raced down after them and got in their face telling them to quite being douche bags.... instead of the verbal confrontation that usually ensues, these two violent characters (a father son duo no less) decided that punching, grabbing, pushing and spitting 2 against 1 was a smarter idea. Well being that I had to children to attend to... I was still making our way down the hill when I saw a rumble in the middle of the base area. I ran over to see Paul... palms up saying that he didn't want to fight while 2 others had him in a head lock and tried to pummel him. I wasn't standing for that... I immediately unstrapped and used my board as a weapon. One swift wack to the dudes back and he was off of Paul.... Paul immediately jumped on him and landed a few swiftly placed punches ... I wish we hadn't retaliated with violence... but violence truly begets violence. When you see someone you love being hurt or injured your immediate response is to stop it by any means necessary... which is what I did.

Thankfully there were many witnesses who saw that their violence is what began the whole thing.... and though they were all too irresponsible to call ski patrol or stop the confrontation choosing instead to remain spectators.... at least yelled a few "go home", "no one wants you here", "this is a family place" there way to either get them to retreat to the lodge, go home, or who knows what else.... possibly treat their injuries. They definitely didn't go home bruise free.

I don't regret what I did... but I regret that I allowed Paul to fallow them. Not that I'd be able to stop him. He should have let it go. Though we could have gotten hurt... we didn't. We could have continued our day un-bothered by those two jerks. Instead our day was tainted with violence. But of course... like me... he saw his loved ones in danger and reacted.

In any event, we made a choice to not be scared of ski patrol, them finding us and following us, or even just getting our tickets clipped for the events... and chose instead to continue our day on the hill sans drama. At the end of the day, we were ready to go home and were packing the car. Somehow... I forgot to throw my mittens in my bag... so those are now gone forever. In addition, I apparently never put Paul's brand new boots in the car (yeah that was totally my fault). So we were out mittens & boots... and had a fight... that the kids totally witnessed.

So yeah, though I don't regret the day... it was not a good one.

But the snow was great... it was warm.... the weather was perfect and K & A did the hardest runs of their lives... and did AMAZING! I'm so proud of them.

Key line of the day:

on the lift line after the dramatic event K asks me "Lilia, why are people violent like that? Why do they get so angry"

not knowing what to say... I answered what I thought was likely true "K, I think it might be because their mommy's didn't hug them enough when they were growing up. That's why we all hug you every single day."

I got a few smiles on the lift line for that one. Because lets face it... a hug, big or smalls, makes everyone's heart smile... or at least smirk.

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