Sunday, April 1, 2012

Kitchen Update

So with spring cleaning in full swing, I convinced Paul to make a few changes to our kitchen. We both love the size of our kitchen but find it a bit lacking in functional space. We both also simply hate the color and cabinetry, however, as renters, there isn't much we could do about that.

We took a drive down south to Ikea. It's a place we don't frequent as it's pretty far and it encourages useless spending. I did however have a clear vision of what I wanted and what I wanted to do with it. Paul and I had differences of opinion when it came to aesthetic appeal, but hey - we have different taste. He's modern... I'm traditional.

I hated how my counter peninsula constantly had stuff on it. I wanted a nice empty work space. So we decided to buy this shelving unit from ikea. It's a great unit because you can stand it upright or on it's side. You can put baskets in them or leave them bare. It's really versatile - we figure when we move it can go behind the couch, against a dining room wall or even in the bedroom.

We currently have our recycle bin sitting towards the left. A top is a wine rack, garlic canister, a plant and a few nic nacs. The cubes from left to right contain:
  • Matte set & tea pot
  • a few bowls of goodies/food
  • placemats, napkins (cloth and paper), trivets
  • cookbooks & cutting boards
  • empty
  • basket of dish towels
  • dishwashing & laundry detergent & baking soda
  • empty

Great right? Nice and organized yet still not ugly!

We also purchased a magnetic knife set and though it's not ideal in this spot, it works to clear up the counter.

Which leaves me this.... a nice empty counter and prep space to cook! LOVE IT!

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