Monday, October 20, 2008

A Weak in Review

So this is a long time coming I guess. I haven’t written anything in a while. I don’t even think many people read my blog considering I have maybe given out the link to all of 4 people.

Regardless, last weekend I went upstate with my family. We had a great time. As always, spending time with my siblings and cousins is a fulfilling weekend. Despite having undergone the tragedy of losing our grandfather less than two months ago, we still manage to smile and have so much fun together. We prayed the rosary in remembrance of Papa but we also told jokes, laughed, and acted like the crazy family we truly are.

The colors up there were stunning. There were countless shades of red and orange, yellows and greens – breathtaking. Its funny how as the winter comes, the leaves show their absolute prettiest of foliage, only to sacrifice them all and sleep an entire winter away - self-preservation. It’s like when you close yourself off, only because you know you won’t crack. I think I’m there right now, and been there for a while. Sometimes I think I barely hold it together. Generally, I think I do okay. I think someone else might have cracked by now. Maybe one day I’ll do more than crack but for now, I’m like a pressure cooker… its all inside expanding and doubling, but there is a little knob on the top that lets out just enough so that there isn’t a dangerous explosion. Basically it allows for water to boil at a higher temperature than usual. So I haven’t boiled over just yet.

Tomorrow is girl’s night, I can’t wait! It’s the 1st time that Lauren will be able to make it out. We have expanded girls night from just me and Kareen, to + Christina, and now + Lauren. With every dinner, we add one more face. I can’t wait to spend time with my cousins and sister. Sometimes we are all each other need. We know the ins and outs of each other’s lives and can understand what it feels like better than most having undergone a similar experience. Originally planned was a mani/pedi, dinner + drinks evening, but that soon was replaced by a order in, Mah Jong, crack open a bottle type of night. I think it will be much more my pace. And with only 4 of us there, we are a perfect set for a couple of games of Mah Jong.

Today is John Paul’s birthday… I guess I’ll remember his birthday always. A Libra, just like my Grandma; always caring, and always nice. I sent him our usual Happy Birthday text message and I mean it every time. I hope that he has the most amazing birthday and I hope that he’s happy. He deserves it. For all these years having lived my life without him, I can truly appreciate who he is and who he was in my life. More than a boyfriend he was my best friend, and I miss him. Anyway, enough nostalgic-ness, I just wish him a great birthday.

I bought Lori a jade plant yesterday. It’s also known as a Friendship Tree. We had talked on Friday night and I told her that I think having plants and taking care of them is almost therapeutic. I don’t talk to them or treat them like small children, but I take care of them. I water them when they need it; I trim them down, change their pots, and reposition them in the sun. When they flower, grow or even just stand strait in the sun, I feel accomplished and proud. I told her it might have the same effect on her. So yesterday while at Home Depot I saw a pretty little Jade plant… its good luck, considered prosperous, and a sign of friendship, so I figured why not… grabbed a little green pot and brought it home. It’s sitting on my kitchen sill soaking in some sun before Lori takes it home. I hope she likes it.

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