Monday, November 17, 2008

November Weekends

It’s been a while since I’ve put my thoughts in writing. All last week and much of the week before, I was sick due to a stupid respiratory infection. It’s pretty much all gone except for this lingering cough that makes me sound like a tuberculosis patient.

Any, despite my fever and hacking I managed to get dressed up last week to attend Paul’s family friends Sweet 16. Her name is Marianella and she looked wonderful. It was a great Sweet 16; definitely more classy than my own 10 years ago. Being ten years older than the majority of the girls there, I knew that I’d definitely look like an old lady, and maybe I did. But I hid my sick face behind some makeup and threw on my dress and was well on my way. I’m glad I went, meeting Paul’s extended “family” even if only from his past, is always a way to get to know who he was and is all the better.

Friday, the 14th, I hopped on a plane with Paul and headed down to Delray Beach/ Boca Raton, for Erica’s wedding. Erica was a friend of mine at PwC and though we were friends, I never thought that I’d be one of the 3 people she’d be inviting to her wedding from our old job. I felt honored and I was glad that I was able to make it there.

The rehearsal dinner was at the Restaurant in Neiman Marcus. I didn’t even know there was one! Anyway, we knew no one there except the bride and groom. I thought it would be uncomfortable and that we’d be hoping it would be over fast, but everyone there was totally friendly and I had a great time with everyone. I was glad we went because that only meant that we’d know more people the next day at the actual wedding.

The actual wedding was amazing. It was held at the Mizner Country Club, which is where Erica’s Parents reside. It was amazingly beautiful and intricate. It was decorated so elegantly. The actual ceremony and cocktail hour was held outdoors, poolside. It was hot and humid but it was well worth it… even the frizzy hair! Dinner and dancing was held inside, and before we knew it, it was 1 AM and the night was over. We didn’t want it to end.

During the days, we had no wedding related events so it was a chance for Paul and me to relax. Relaxing isn’t something we do often, so when we get a chance, it’s great! Friday, we went to a micro brewery and had some lunch, checked into our hotel room, and sat poolside before deciding to go to the mall and make a few purchases. Paul found a great Tommy vest for the winter and some cufflinks (since he forgot to pack a pair). I was able to find an inexpensive black clutch for the festivities along with a black strapless bra since I cannot find mine anywhere. As for my other exciting purchases, I went into Sunglass hut and bought a pair of Ray Ban aviators (my 1st pair of big girl sunglasses) and then I skipped into Swarovski and bought a pair of crystal earrings to match my bracelet that Paul got for me as a surprise on our family cruise a couple of years ago.

Saturday we spend the day at the beach and we must have been 2 out of 30 people there. It was so nice, quiet, and private. We had a blast and the weather was great!

Sunday we decided to skip brunch at Erica’s parents and instead drive up the coast and visit different beaches and restaurants. We ate at a good seafood restaurant by the water and then headed to the airport to come home. All in all a very amazing weekend celebrating Erica and Alex’s wedding and at the same time celebrating Paul and my relationship. We relaxed and made sure to acknowledge how much we appreciate each other. I couldn’t ask for a better weekend.

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