Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter Wishes

Winter Wishes

My office has a “Winter Wishes” program. The NY Cares Winter Wishes program provides gifts to needy children during the holidays. ß I got that right from the website. Basically these needy children range from ages 4 and up. My office does not participate in the letters provided from Family Members (Adults). The gifts are generally no more than $40 excluding S&H. Many of these children suffer from some type of mental illness or financial difficulty and will not be receiving the gifts we are so used to seeing. Last year, I took two letters, one for me and one for Paul and we provided a nice arrangement of gifts (both on and off the list) for them.

This year I walked down to human resources hoping to obtain two more letters to help ensure two more kids get a nice Christmas gift from Santa. I rummaged through the letters and couldn’t take one! Almost 85% of the children wanted an Ipod, not an MP3 player, but an Ipod, and a touch no less. That is in no way under $40. Then another 10% wanted a digital camera or camcorder! And 5% wanted a PSP or other gaming device. What I don’t understand is this… why do the parents/supervisors not tell them that Santa is on a budget and to pick more age appropriate gifts. I wouldn’t take one, because I knew that I’d end up getting something NOT on that Christmas list and felt that I would just disappoint them in to thinking they weren’t good enough this year. Who am I to do that.

When letters are left over for no one to take, HBO does go on a shopping spree and provides a gift for each of the Children they obligated themselves to. No Child goes without a present. I’m still hoping we get an inflow of more letters to chose from. Children with more reasonable requests. If not I suppose I can go through my Church and buy children a gift from the “Giving Tree”. Either way, I hope to fulfill somebody’s winter wish… not just buy something under $40 which isn’t really wanted.

Am I being selfish… it’s not like I couldn’t afford a camera for this stranger… I just don’t feel right doing it – not to mention they urge you NOT to spend over $40.

Ugh, why do kids have so many expensive choices now a days. What happened to a new GI Joe or a Barbie. I’d even understand some of those electronics that are more child appropriate!

My Winter Wish is to take a 5 day nap… in a bubble where I can hear and see no one!

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