Thursday, February 26, 2009

Aspiration: HoBo!

Some people want to be super moms, some want to be career women, and some want to just be themselves. Today I decided I hate my job because I'm under challenged but more so because my personality just clashes to extreme levels with my boss. He keeps me down like a typical mail without realizing it and he is fickle and I HATE fickle. So today I decided I wanted to quit my job and be a HoBo (originates from the words: Homeward Bound). I want to just hang out with my baby brother and sister all day. I love them and they make me smile. They are my happy place I go to on a bad day.

Last week after buying my brother a super cute Hurley (Snowboard/skateboard brand) hoodie, I hugged him and gave him a hi-five telling him how COOL he looked. My mom looked at me and said I hope you don't have a son first. I hope you have a daughter... I'd hate to see your bond with Kyle diminished. I don't think it's possible. He is just too special to me. He was my nightmare who became my dream. Amanda too, I just cannot get enough of her... even with her new attitude and preference for friends over hanging with me. She is sweet beyond words and I feel fulfilled when I am with them... even when I spoil them.

In about 10 minutes I'm leaving work and then packing a bag. I am going to Boston with Paul for an MIT shinanagin. It should be alright. It's from Friday-Saturday afternoon. After which we are driving north to New Hampshire to ski a day at Loon on Sunday. This I am looking forward to.

Lets hope this all goes well all around. I maybe need this trip but part of me also feels worried that I will be bored, insecure and out of place amongst all these ivy league bostonites. I'm sure that is stupid but it is true non-the-less. Thankfully I'll have Paul to entertain me.

I will write about this adventure when I'm back... till then, caio!

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