Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting There (The Wedding)

Getting to CO after a month of caring for my Grandma was no easy task. We constantly thought we were forgetting something... but we didn't - fortunately.

We called a minivan cab b/c ... well it was the 2 of us, 2 snowboard bags, 1 large suitcase, 1 medium suitcase, 1 huge wedding dress & 1 tuxedo bag. So yea... minivan for 2 people... we needed it.

Upon arriving @ the airport... I was hit with the realization that it wouldn't just be Paul and I checking in... but his entire family... because well... they can't do anything with out Paul when he's around. He spoils them the same way I spoil my little brother and sisters. But ... they are adults.

So after checking in: myself, Paul, his Mom, Dad, 2 aunts & Abuela... we were at security... ugh... too many people don't speak english, too many people lose their boarding pass, too many people have to pee, and all the while Paul is minding them... not me... carrying this 40 lb dress! I was upset... but I held it in.

Once at the gate they allowed me to hang my dress in 1st class.... no not because they cared about my dress but because they did NOT want me taking up that much overhead space. Ha, well that still worked to my advantage... while they were at it, I had them hang Paul's tux too!

(yes the drive is that cool... you go under a bridge carved out of a mountain that Loveland Ski resort is located on!)

So upon arriving... the heat started to emanate from my brain. I had a schedule to follow... to the hour. It required obtaining our baggage, picking up the car, driving to Breckenridge, getting our marriage license, going grocery shopping, unloading EVERYTHING we brought... but no, Paul wanted me to get the car while he waited with his family and the bags, and he wanted me to run around alone. Oh well I put my foot down... this is MY wedding and I want it MY way... shit I planned the damn thing... and I am no freaking babysitter. Well he felt the heat... and we compromised... he came with me, but we left the bags with his aunts.

At least once we got on the road we were able to separate from them. I needed time with my fiance. I needed time to be alone... to rest my thoughts. I wanted to be stress free. After all... I was making the biggest life changing decision I've made in my life to date!

We got to Breck safely... though the winds were a bit high and headed directly to the County Clerk where we paid our $30, showed our IDs, filled out the paperwork and obtained our Marriage Certificate (not signed) see.... we were excited at that point.

Then we headed to the hotel to check in. After unloaded much of our belongings we headed to Paul's mom's room... they wanted to go grocery shopping WITH US. ugh... well fine! So we went... I bought what I needed for the favors and welcome bags and to much of Paul's dismay... insisted that we get on it immediately... good thing too or we'd have run out of time.

In the end, I opted not to eat with his family and insisted that he and I head to town to shop and do dinner which we did. I had altitude sickness and nursed a beer I didn't end up finishing and ordered a greasy meal I didn't end up eating... but that's ok. We smiled... and ended up... WALKING home.

Yep b/c we missed our shuttle and Paul didn't want to call again. It was cold, I was light headed, and I was sleepy... so I did what I do best... I whined, asked him to undress me, and fell asleep immediately upon feeling the pillow.

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