Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New Car?

So let me tell you about this new car. It’s definitely different owning a brand spanking new car. Paul and I came to the decision after facing a few bad developments with the Malibu. It still had a lot of life left if you were willing to invest the money, but is it worth it? We thought that over for a week and decided that we’d spend Black Friday at the local Subaru dealer. Well, we were immediately disappointed when they didn’t have what we were looking for in stock (a 4 cylinder Subaru outback with the all weather package). Then the sales rep said they did have one in a standard transmission & an upgraded Harmon Kardon speaker system. So as I saw Paul’s eyes grow with delight we told him to bring it in so we can check it out.
The next day we were signing paper work, upgrading the cloth seats, and ordering peripherals, but sadly, we couldn’t drive our baby home. We borrowed my grandma’s car and went home with a list of RMV to dos and high hopes of what our new baby would look like.
Saturday came back around and we were back at Subaru. I was disappointed immediately by our dealer installed leather, but was quickly assured they’d be fixed to my standards. It was their fault in not having a thorough check before we picked it up after all. Well a little later with the tech in on his day off we felt satisfied enough to head out. But…. But wait, it’s a standard transmission! I only know how to drive an automatic!
Paul did all the driving that day and in my few attempts to get around, there was a whole lot of stalling, bouncing, and grunting (I was doing the grunting, not the car). My little brother told me he’ll never ride in the car with me again. My sister screamed. My Mom just laughed. Paul yelled but that’s his way of teaching me… boys!
Well soon after arriving back to Beantown… and I mean soon… I got the call… I got a job! Oh yeah, by the way, this job is in the burbs… that means I have to drive. CRAP!
So I drove to the gym, to the grocery store and occasionally to no where just to practice. Man did I suck! Driving uphill was a true challenge – especially in traffic. Rolling into the car behind me was a true possibility! I had 1 week to get this right because I was headed into work at my new job.
So here’s how it went….
… I’m typing this now during some down time at work. I got here safely and didn’t kill anyone along the way. Let’s hope I can continue to say that.


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