Monday, December 12, 2011

Riding Log 2012 - Day 1 (Killington Mtn)

We start the season the same weekend every year. We take a trip to Killington, VT on the 2nd weekend of December. It's not tradition and it isn't thoroughly thought out. It's just that... about that time the itch to ride gets fearce and there are only a few mountains open within a reasonable driving distance. This year... there was almost nothing going on.

Winter is a little lazy to get here and the snow is less than stellar. It's ironic considering that freak Halloween snow storm we got.

We gave it a go anyway. We booked a hotel room on the access road, invited our friend, Jerry to come for a ride, and took a chance. A classmate from grade school was up there for her birthday, but we didn't ride with her much. We ride fast and hard and fast again. I'm the slowest of the group, and we don't like waiting. So we tried to take advantage as much as possible. We did the hardest runs and the emptiest runs available. Then the gondola broke and the lift lines became unbearable. We decided to not bother with Sunday and headed back home. Which worked out for the best. Jerry still had to drive back to NY and I still had to prepare myself (read: learn how to drive a stick shift) before my new job on Monday!

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