Thursday, December 15, 2011

You probably wanna see...

pictures of the car... since all I've been doing is talk about it.

Here is the Subie on day 2 parked in my Mom's driveway. It looked pretty there. Too bad I drove it like crap that day. Stalled repeatedly. I actually think I owe my transmission an apology, maybe even a massage.

Here it is at another angle.

Ok Ok let the jokes begin.....

Let me answer 2 questions that have been asked recently....
  1. No, I'm not pregnant
  2. No, I'm not trying to get pregnant
  3. No, my partner is not female (and that's just rude to those who stereotype btw... but I know it was said in jest)

In my eyes.... what it really is... it's a rugged do it all vehicle. It is my snowboard chariot. It is my camping SUV. It is my means to get to my employment. It is a challenge (being standard and all). And it's pretty. It's also my 1st brand spankin' new car. It is also... not mine. It's ours. Paul and my 1st large purchase we've made together as a married couple. It's a pretty big stinkin' deal.

Doesn't it look stinkin' good covered in dirt, snowboards on top, ready to head up or down a mountain!

Another big deal is saying goodbye to my malibu. It was really my 1st car. The 1st car I paid for. The 1st car I was really responsible for. It saw me out of college, through all of my jobs, and through each of my moves, including my 1st move out of NY. It was an old soul (if cars could be old souls... or even have souls). It was my baby. And I miss it. We've been apart for almost 2 weeks now... and I miss driving it. The Subie is great, but it's no Mali.

Here is my last goodbye in the Mali.

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