Sunday, February 21, 2010

Riding Day :20 (Hunter Mountain)

Eric had a winter weekend up at his house in Woodstock, NY. I wasn't sure how it would play out but my mom wasn't talking to me, I had no plans, Paul's in Boston and he promised food, beer, friends, and riding... what's to consider.

I packed my bags the night before and immediately headed to his house in Astoria. He figured we could car pool. I was grateful for a break from behind the wheel. After grabbing Heather and Sach we were on our way. I was a little apprehensive because Joann and Danny would be there. I hadn't seen them in forever. It was odd at 1st but then things just clicked. They are happily engaged and I'm actually happy for them. They seem to just work together. That's important. I don't need to work with either of them... but they obviously need to work as a couple. Not to mention they are new mommy & daddy to a little puppy, Charlie, who is adorable!

So after a few beers, chatting it up, and snacks it was off to bed where I had my own room. Boy what a blessing that could be!

Bright and early... not really... I was up, teeth brushed, face washed, gear on, and ready to head out the door. Unfortunately it took Heather till the mountain opened to shower, put her full face of make up on, get her gear on and hop in the car where she had shit everywhere. We stopped for a quick bagel and coffee and were on our way.

Hunter was packed! The parking lot was crazy full... the ticket line was out the door too the street, the rental line for the 2 girls took 2 hours and the lift lines were that of Christmas week... it was winder break... we forgot.

We headed strait to the back side of the mountain for a few runs... it was Eric, Jerry and Myself. than after a run or 2 Sach and Julie met us. his binding broke and she was running late. It was fun... we rode all over the back side... some ice, some hard pack, some snow... a east coast mix. I rode the SMF... which I probably shouldn't have. They ride fast, they ride hard, there was ice... I shoulda been on the eminence btx. Oh well... I can do it and I did.

The day ended with a few more fast runs, some fluffy stuff, a long car ride home, a stop at the grocery store, beer, hot tub, wonderful menu of delicious food (thanks Bonnie, Eric & Joann), movies and laughs.

Sunday we didn't ride... always a disappointment's but understandable... not everyone is as crazy as me. We just relaxed... drove home in some traffic and I went home... USA beat Canada in the hockey game! YEY

Eric Played Photographer with his SLR + Fish eye lens.



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