Friday, February 26, 2010

Riding Log: 21-22 Mount Hood, CA

On Wednesday as I sat at my desk getting through my 2nd to last day of work before my flight to Portland, I kept hearing horror stories about the impending weather. Fearful my flight would be canceled I called Jet Blue who said it was a likely scenario. I'd been looking forward to this trip forever. I've been waiting to see Paul. I've been packing. I've been chatting. I've been longing for a trip to the PNW!

They changed my flight for free... I literally ran to the F train, ran home, ran up the stairs, grabbed my bag... who knew what was in it, hopped in Lauren's car and drove like mad to JFK. She prayed the whole way... what a great sister. And I was in. My flight hadn't left... but my bag was late. I signed a voluntary separation waiver and just hopped it would make it. If it didn't, I'd rent, I'd make due, I'd demo... I'd at least be there!

So to almost not make my snowboard trip b/c of snow in the place I'm leaving... ironic.

I landed early.... but 1:30AM EST... still had me beat. Preston picked me up... yes a man.... a person I'd never met... a person who was welcoming me into his house. Yeah it's risky... but I trusted him... many mutual friends knew where I was going to be. It was fine! I asked him to please not hit on me, rape me, kill me or eat me in my sleep... and he didn't.

After intermittent sleep I woke my tired eyes and headed downstairs where Preston and I chatted and discussed our day. We were picking up Rexy and Pat at 11AM and headed strait to Mount Hood Meadows. Boy was I excited. I set up my eminence btx expecting snow... powder... fresh! Well after our late start, need to refuel or bodies with food, and drive over to Meadows... we were just in time for some night riding. No fresh, no trees, no pow, but tons of fun.

We called it a night early, headed to the house, showered up, hit a bar, had some grub and were fast asleep by 12 PST.

Pat never actually made it home Thursday night having met up with a long time friend. He stayed by him. So we got up, got dressed, packed the car with our gear and luggage and headed to the bagel shop for some grub and coffee. Off the Meadows again... in the rain. But wait... out there rain = snow in the mountains. We got there and in the parking lot the rain became slush and by the time we were on the lift ... the slush became snow... that wet heavy snow but snow!

The conditions were white out. The snow was wet. The trees were fun. The challenges were many. And the falls were soft. It was maybe the 2nd most fun riding day I had all season. Preston had me and Rexy jumping off every natural kicker we could find. We were in the trees, we were goofing off. We were exploring. We were laughing. We were having fun!

I want to do it again!!!

Pat never made it out... it was 4 and it was time to go to Washington. Our friends and family were waiting for us up north. So we got in the car, wet, tired, and hugry and started driving our 4.5 hours to Stevens Pass! What a smelly moist drive!

Quote of the Day: ''My pink shirts are nestled between the purple and fuchsia right where they belong!" - Preston

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