Monday, February 15, 2010

Riding Log: Day 18-19 (Camelback)

We headed out to Camelback for my sister's birthday. Amanda turned 11 on Friday. I was able to book us a condo for the long weekend and it was a bit tight but doable.

We headed to the hill a little late but spent the whole day there as it doesn't close till 10PM. We had a blast. The kids took over the whole hill and even my mom came out to ski. Lauren borrowed my F20s which I think she really liked. She was progressing like crazy. I was really proud of her.

The next day we headed back to the hill + 1 as Bryan had arrived the night before. He and Raquel disapeared at 1 point and they came back with new boots and Bryan picked up a Gnu Carbon Credit. Not the best board but it was his impulse buy and not my money.

Amanda's words of: this is the best birthday ever will forever ring in my ears... followed by my mom's over dramatic exit. Bullshit always ensues when my family is involved. Unfortunately we all just CANT get along. Thankfully the love is strong between my sisters and brothers and I and no negativity from the generation above that can tarnish it. Maybe it can leave a shadow, but never one you can't wipe clean.

God, please help my family... to not be crazy.

All in all the riding was fun though. Definitely a grom weekend. The kids hit a mogul run that wasn't steep. The pitch was that of a green but the moguls weren't too tiny. They had a blast bouncing all over the place. Amanda's parallel is improving and Kyle's confidence is booming. I'm really proud... as usual.

Happy Birthday, Amanda Panda!

It's sad when 1 person can ruin the good time of many. It's important that we remember the good times during the weekend which was 80% of the time... and forget the bad. Crazy people still deserve love, but the ones who are unwilling to help themselves don't always deserve tolerance and never acceptance. Change... but always for the better.

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