Sunday, February 7, 2010

Riding Log: Day 17 Thunder Ridge

So after the Platekill drive the day before... I headed to my Mom's. I promised the grom and gromette a day of shred. I was thinking we should head south but I was still tired from the drive the day before, I wanted to be home for superbowl and I was broke. So I decided to put our season passes to good use and head to Thunder Ridge and boy what a happy surprise.

The lift lines were not as bad as I thought they would/could be and the lifties were actually doing their job which is rare. I guess at night they are a lot more lazy. They must have been blowing snow like crazy because the snow actually felt nice. We literally did every run but 1 which I deemed too hard for them to really enjoy.

Amanda and Kyle both did a progressive box in the park and did it well. I was really proud of them. Their skiing has improved and their attitude on the mountain has as well. They are much more assertive on lift lines, they are much more humble when asking for things in the lodge ($$), and they are more aware of their surroundings. They soak it up and I'm glad they do. I'm also glad that Kyle can handle a full day on the hill open to close without whining, falling asleep or complaining... well not too much anyway. They keep up so well... I think they'd blow most adults out of the water!


Skiing or Riding... the love of snow, winter, speed, and sport bringing people together is just such a beautiful thing - remember that always

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