Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sucks! I don't just mean wedding planning... I mean all planning. I generally plan all camping trips, snowboard trips, wedding trips and weekend excursions. I plan these things because so far no one else has stepped up to the plate. I also plan these things because I LOVE doing them... but that doesn't mean I like planning them.

I've said it time and time again... I hate planning for people who don't make it easy for you. Solid decisions need to be made or everyone is waiting on 1 person. And sometimes that person costs you a bit more money because of it.

I also hate when you ask someone for help and they say they will do it ... and then leave you hanging. Especially when what you need help with is for THEIR family.

I'm tired of planning... I want to just be invited next time. I know I like things how I like them and therefore plan ... even micromanage. But really... I want to just show up... and enjoy.

Last year I was hoping something like that would happen... I wanted to go on solo trips with friends... I wanted to experience that carefreeness. Instead Paul and Andy came... and that's fine. But it increased the stress and pressure of the trips. I had to be concerned about getting them beds... tickets... ensuring they got there okay... managing time. If I was just me... I would just sit in the back seat... throw a friend some gas money... and care about nothing else than that I have paid my share of the gas, beer and food. And we'd be riding our way into smiles.

I'm just tried and snippy I suppose.

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