Thursday, April 14, 2011

Guess What

I'm EXCITED to see my husband! He's special... but we've gone weeks without seeing each other before... and ended up parting after a long weekend together... a bit... disappointed. We have expectations and sometimes those expectations aren't met... mostly because they aren't communicated.

So this time I made a list!
  1. ME > snowboarding
  2. Smiles and words of encouragement
  3. Camera patience
  4. Cuddles and intimacy... the passionate yearning needy kind... and the romantic kind too!
  5. Photos and videos of my riding!
  6. Yummy meals filled with good conversation
  7. The talk: that talk about where we are going and how we feel about that.
  8. Understanding after ^^ conversation
  9. And lots and lots of love
  10. Did I mention LOVE?
Now for him to communicate his expectations... I'd hate not to meet them after being apart for so long!

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