Tuesday, April 5, 2011


No no no... not my waist line... ha!

I am known to spread myself too thin... and then fall apart at the seams. I get cranky, I get impatient, and ultimately... my family calls my psycho!

It has happened again. There are 4 things I desperately want this weekend:
  1. To snowboard (with Jomel)
  2. To see my husband
  3. To help my mom out by babysitting... which actually brings me to 4
  4. To see my baby brother and sister
So in an effort to achieve all these things I wanted to drive us ALL up to VT and meet Paul and pay for a hotel for 2 days so that we can have a mini vacation. Paul vetoed this idea after pricing it out and noticing that it would cost nearly $600 to snowboard... 1 day.

So instead I'll be parking my car a 1/2 mile away Friday night, waking up at 3AM Saturday, walking over to the Emilios bus stop (after getting my gear from the car), riding a bus with Jomel to VT, snowboarding all day with Jomel & Paul (who will meet us there), take the bus back to NY, drop off Jomel, drive home, find parking, shower, sleep, wake up at 8AM, drive to Carmel, NY, get kids fed, pack car, go for mountain biking/ hiking/ picnic adventure in State Park, go home, shower kids, homework, sleep, wake up ... take train to Manhattan... b/c we all know I won't be driving home on Sunday night after all that.

HA I must be CRAZY! CRAZY in love with my family!

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