Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lost... in a book

I find myself often lost in a book. I especially love books that make me feel... scared, terrified even, worried, frustrated, happy, loved, cozy, interested... feel.

It's awesome. It's better than any show or movie. But like all books... they have endings... and during those endings, I feel melancholy... sometimes even sad. Worse than a book ending is a series ending... because you know that character's tale is now no more.

Last night I forgot my Kinde at my grandma's. Paul was shocked... I know I know... you are too. None the less, I managed to DL my book on my iphone and continued reading it last night before bed and again on my morning commute. I only had a few more pages left, so while I was waiting for some work to DL, I pulled it up on my Kindle forPC app. Now it's finished. I was sad. It ended kind of sad and yet ... making me want more. Unfortunately the next book doesn't come out till May... only a few weeks away really. The book is light reading... for maybe a HSer, but I'm enjoying it. I'd compare it to the Twilight Saga... but with Faeries. And I love faeries!

So here I am... glad I've read it but sad it's over. So I guess being that I have to read something... or I become sad... I'll pick up a book I grabbed at a used book store. It's a creepy thriller and I'm sure I'll be scared sleeping in my creaky apartment alone tonight! Nothing like following a sweet, romantic fairytale with a creepy, scary thriller to get you out of the funk.

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