Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yarning along

So I had the urge today... to buy new yarn. I had a project in mind... but changed my mind. I had colors in mind... but changed my mind.

So initially I was thinking bright bright bright pinks and greens and blues and purples. Nice deep colors in a stripey blanket of goodness... but then I went to Michael's and an acrylic yarn I've never used before was on sale for $1.99 a skein. So I went for it. I purchased these colors:
Aren't they pretty. They aren't bright... they are almost muted, but they go so well together in their randomy goodness. Some nice light yellow with a nice dull purple that go so well with that bright blue and deep coral and let's not forget that mossy green!
So instead of stripes... I went with rounds made squares... well actually they are a version of granny square courtesy of Lucy @ Attic21. They are coming out splendid and I can't wait to get these done and stitched together in the cutest little blanket. I'm falling in love, but I know I'll need to give this one away... to a co-worker expecting her 1st. I know she'll just love it! At least I do!

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Lilia said...

My husband responded telling me to stop... stop buying yarn until each and every skein in our livingroom was depleted. but... doesn't he get it? Doesn't he get that certain projects call for certain things... just like how you can't possibly play outdoor soccer with indoor cleats! Or soccer with a volleyball. It just... well it just doesn't work.