Thursday, December 11, 2008

Consequences and Remorse

Certain horrible circumstances came to my attention today concerning a friend. It’s left me in a very low state. It’s brought me to think of many people in my life; their stories are all sad and all tragic.

My mind wandered to Ginamarie… or just Gina as I called her. She was a petite Italian girl with a timid yet confident attitude that made you want to hug her. She was my classmate in college and a study buddy at times. We never grew close enough to go out to the bars together or get to know each other’s outside of school friends/family.

Gina was killed in a DWI back on Oct 7, 2004. I got the phone call on the 8th and basically became useless at work and went home. I met with a mutual friend/acquaintance, Brad, who together with his girlfriend, helped me get through this. I attended her wake where I saw parents, brothers, and cousins screaming in agony. The driver was her boyfriend who called 911 and lied saying he wasn’t the driver as Gina and a friend were dying, crushed inside the car unable to get them out. How dare he think of a scapegoat while my friend sat there dying.

His lawyer later made a statement that his alcohol level must have been a mistake (2 hours after the accident) because witnesses claimed he had only had 4 beers and hours before the accident. They also contested that he is a diabetic and his blood sugar was very low, possibly causing the accident.

The State Police mishandled the blood sample taken at the scene of the crime which would have been the proof behind his blood alcohol level. He later pleaded guilty to Vehicular Manslaughter… a lesser charge than Second Degree Murder. Mind you this was his second DWI offense… at his first, he was let go with a fine of only about $300. He was driving home from a Chili’s in Long Island after drinks while watching the Yankee game. Southbound on the Wantagh Parkway at about 120 MPH in his Infinity 35 he lost control and veered into a tree crushing the car like tin foil after your lunch is done. All this while Gina and a friend sat in the car.

A judge sentenced him 2 years later to 2 1/3 – 7 year prison term. Do I think this is enough? At first I though yes, I mean the biggest punishment will be living your life knowing you killed a friend and a girlfriend; the friend just before his wedding and the girlfriend before even reaching the age of 24. But instead of mourning the deaths he caused, he sat in the sun, relaxed and tanned. Even took pictures grinning like the grim reaper holding a corona. It was this very picture that the judge waved while he gave him his sentence, saying “Only God knows why I was spared and their souls were taken” as well as “You've got Ginamarie and Matthew's lives on your shoulders, and every time you take a drink you despise their memories”

I cannot stop thinking of her and thinking of these creeps that cannot control themselves or their habits. I know everyone make mistakes and this could happen to anyone but he gives no true remorse. His actions were loud and clear when he picked up another drink… his words were deemed inconsequential to his actions.

Gina, you are in my prayers and you are missed. May God hold you in his arms and allow you to rest in peace.

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