Monday, December 8, 2008

Opening Day, Pacquiao & Dresses

All in all it was good weekend. I’m tired to the point that I feel sick, maybe I am? I woke up this morning with puffy eyes; you’d think I cried myself to sleep, but there were no tears flowing last night. I slept well and I slept long, so WTF!!!

Friday night I did not want leftovers and wanted a date. I hadn’t spent some QT with Pauly since before Thanksgiving. He gave me the privilege of taking me out to the Indian spot near our house. It was nice and relaxing and filling. After we got are gear ready for a day at Windham.

The alarm started buzzing at 5:50AM and I just turned and said WAKE UP! Paul did and I slowly began to emerge from my night’s slumber. After a quick rinse in the shower and teeth brushing, we were on our way to the bagel store where I was caught with awkward stares. I supposed I deserved it in my thermals, rainbow bright knee highs, boots, lime fleece and navy vest. I probably looked like a cartoon character, but I was warm! 2 ½ hours later we were there and ready to ride. There wasn’t many trails open and I predominately did the same blue over and over again, but it was a nice taste. The best part is the soreness my muscles feel today. I know that I need to train them to once again be pushed and hopefully by January they are used to the abuse use.

Driving home took a bit longer than anticipated. We arrived at key food at 7:30 where I bought chili ingredients, cold cuts, sandwich stuff, snacks and mixers. Upon parking the car right in front (a big feat in our world) we unloaded the car and I began cooking. After a quick shower people started to arrive, 1st Lori then Kareen who brought a great box of home made empanadas… yes be jealous, they were SO GOOD.

The fight was awesome… why? Because Pacquiao kicked Oscar’s ass. It almost looked wrong… like a 19 year old football player beating on the chest team. It was pathetic and all sorts of fun! After everyone began to depart full and drunk around 2AM it was time for bed… yes I needed it.

After waking on Sunday to clean the apartment from the previous nights festivities, I picked up my sister and met up with 2 cousins to go on the dress hunt! Lauren picked out bridesmaids dresses that were totally not in the theme we had originally thought but are modern and fun and she loves them. That’s all the really matters. They are far from forgiving so the diet and crunches must start immediately after my Bellagio Buffet date with Kareen in Vegas this weekend. Lauren looked amazing in everything she tried on and I think the unlikely candidate is the one… but we didn’t order it just yet… she still has a date with Kleinfields. She looked amazing though.

After being famished eating NOTHING and dealing with the dresses for hours, we finally went to the Cheesecake factory where I gorged myself on bite after bite of food. My stomach was so happy! After dropping everyone off and saying bye to Paul’s mommy in Bellerose, I was off to sleep and here I am today… still tired.

Thanks to my sis and my cousins and Pauly and my friends for making this weekend a great start to the winter!

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