Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pompous Ass!

Anyone who knows me, well or not, knows that I take many things very seriously. Sometimes those very things I take seriously are things that are considered hobbies, recreational, and fun. I consider myself a fun person, but I also think that there are certain things that are fun that you should work to do right. I love to snowboard and I like to ski. I do both because I love winter, I love sports, and I love all aspects of both sports. I love that it challenges me physically and mentally; I never quite know what I’m up against but I know the only way out is down. I love how it is still relaxing and fun; the sounds of the snow running under my board and the cold wind blowing into my lungs brings me to another place. The tricks I cannot yet do well but still attempt are a fun and silly challenge I can attempt when the snow isn’t that great or the weather is having its global warming attitude problem. But I must admit there is one thing I never do – I never half ass my ability or my attempts to improve it. Not with riding, not with anything.

I was taught at a very young age that it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you love it. Then I was taught an even greater lesson, as long as you do it to the best of your ability. Then later the lesson I’ve always tried to live by, it doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you respect.

I respect the weather, I don’t get angry when it doesn’t work to my advantage and I don’t try to make things that cannot be. I impatiently wait for the snow to fall and as I do, I dream. I follow the snow out west when finances and time permit. I respect the earth and what we’ve done to it by attempting to decrease my carbon footprint whenever possible. I want my snowy winters back, even if they come from March thru June.

I respect my equipment. I trust it to hold my weight and to react with my body. I trust it to take me safely down the mountain, so long as I respect it enough not to push it beyond its intended purpose.

And I respect the snow itself. I respect the powder that I dream about and love. I cherish it when I have it and I miss it when I don’t. I respect the ice to the point of fear that I’ve tried to overcome. I respect the man-made and the groomed, for without it, east coast winter sports would not exist.

I respect myself! I respect myself enough to not stop ½ way, to continue to learn this skill to the best of my ability. To condition by body in the fall so that it can withstand the 8 strait hours of continuous muscle strain. And to never be satisfied with my current achievements and to constantly work for more. I have a drive and I push myself. It’s why I learned to go from skis to board quickly and it’s why I have found respect in my friends who ride after I hung up my skis.

Maybe this bit about me is why it’s so hard to accept people who lack this ability. I love my friends who’ve gone out there and tried, decided it wasn’t for them and walked away, even the friends who bailed out early before they’ve even given it a true chance. At least those people gave it a shot. What I cannot stand are the dimwits who tried it a couple of times last season and think they are experts. The one’s who think they know better than those around them that have been riding/skiing since they were toddlers. The one’s who think its cool to say they’ve ridden a black diamond after only a couple of days of skiing. Well let me tell you something, those pompous asses don’t know what they are doing and what they are talking about. Any respectable snow enthusiast believes those same pompous asses are the one’s who ruin it for the rest of us. The one’s who invest every weekend to the sport; the one’s who are dedicated!

Today the gentleman who was already known to me as Pompous Ass asked me why there was no snow on the mountain (per my away message). And I reminded him about the global warming affects on the weather and about his lack of contribution to the efforts to change it (he doesn’t like to recycle and he believes its survival of the fittest, the humans turn to come to extinction – selfish?). I then told him the temperatures have been too high for snowfall and even for snowmaking so only 15 trails were open and that a good deal of green and blue trails (beginner and intermediate) were open, so that would be good for them (considering they only have a couple of days under their belts and are still learning). He then countered that he’d been on black diamonds before. I countered back saying that going on a black diamond and getting to the bottom doesn’t mean you should. You should do it with form and you should do it when you are ready. I admit that even after so many years, I cannot handle it sometimes. He said he made it down somehow so he can handle it.

What this Pompous Ass doesn’t understand is that he gets in the way of people who know what they are doing. He messes with their rhythm and he’s dangerous. People who get in the way because they don’t know what they are doing are DANGEROUS! People break limbs, get concussions, and even DIE! Additionally, they whisk the snow right off the mountain, spreading it to the ditches on the side. You’ll commonly see this on green trails as everyone is learning, but on a black EXPERT trail, there SHOULD be snow!!!! I said flatly, “It’s selfish riding” and to this his response was “That’s me. GTG see you Saturday”.

I don’t want to see this individual on Saturday. I don’t want him ruining my groomed terrain. I don’t want to hear his insolence and stupidity. And I don’t want to be aggravated on my 1st day out there this season. But its okay, I wont be. Unlike him, I didn’t step onto the snow yesterday. I don’t try to do things I can’t handle without the proper preparation and training. I will leave him in my wake. So why am I letting this get to me so much… because I am sick and tired of people polluting what I consider sacred to take advantage!!! I’m sick of people who have no respect! And I’m sick of people’s fucked up attitudes. So to you, this Pompous Ass, I’m forced to see due to mutual friendships, here’s a big FUCK YOU!!!! I hope you break your arrogant leg on the black diamond you claim to handle!

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