Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To be Continued...

So I’ve neglected this baby for quite some time. Since my last bloging venture, I’ve gone to Vegas and did a little snowboarding. I’ll probably talk about said events amongst others for those bored and have the time to read.

Las Vegas:

So I went to Vegas and met up with my cousin and 3 of her friends… all of which were special in their own particular ways.

Many crazy outfits were worn, for example:

The best was by far, the shoes!!!!

We had a blast. We all drank way too much, ate too much, smoked too much, gambled too much and laughed too much. Many vulgar things were said and it was great! The best part, all of us when home with more money in our pockets than how we came!


I write a lot about this particular activity. I love it SO MUCH! A few weeks back (before Vegas) we went to Windham for the Betties Get on Board event and I had a blast. Even got an awesome goody bag with some skull candies, a hat, stickers, and a shirt. Can't go wrong with that. This past weekend I went to Thunder Ridge for 2 days (from my Mom's house) with Paul, Jomel and my Bro and Sis. My mom even skied on the 1st day, though she called it quits a little early. I was proud of her, she did alright. She better give it her all after her nice new investment on a brand new set up.

My brother being 4 is still learning and still very much the novice. I love to see him get out there and try his best. When he's around, I am limited to mostly my skis. I realize now, I am already a better snowboarder than I am a skier. Even though I love to watch him and help him learn, I crave the board and riding at my own pace on my own. It snowed buckets this weekend and I had to meander down easy trails on skis with him in my sights. Don't get me wrong, I'll have plenty of opportunity to ride this year and will not regret going a few times with my little man, but sometimes I just wish I could get a couple of rides in myself. The sooner I get him on his own two skis confident and doing well, the sooner I can get those rides in. In time.

Luckily I have a great man who let me get a couple of rides in on my board before close and hung back with my buddy. I'm a lucky girl to have such great siblings, a great boyfriend, and family that has similar interests as me. It's a blessing to do these things together.

Jomel got to start breaking in his new boots and so far so good. He did get whacked in the back by an unruly chair lift... but he's doing okay. He borrowed Paul's old Nitro and some Ride bindings that were Paul's and became ours. I got a few years on them myself. Well we decided to give it to Jomel as a gift... so now he is complete with his own set up. He shows dedication I don't see yet in his sister which is why I gave him these gifts and the appreciation was overwhelming. I love him a lot... he is like a brother to me and just like I love that I have this bond with Amanda and Kyle (Lauren hates skiing), I'm glad that I can have this with Jomel as well. Raquel will get there eventually. She is still a young adolescent finding her priorities and right now it's still shopping, fashion, music and friends... we've all been there.

Anyway - It's almost Holiday time. I'm happy it's here, and I'll be happy when its over. I'm more looking forward to the time off from work then the Holiday cheer. It being the 1st time without Papa will be rough. I just hope that it is truly drama free.

Happy Holidays to everyone!!!

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