Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Excitement Ensures

So today is Tuesday, the 2nd of December and all I can say is, why hasn't there been any snow!?!?! I remember Thanksgiving a few years ago... it snowed BUCKETS! I was with the ex's family and smiling like a pig in shit! What happened to those late November/early December snow falls? I love the winter more than anything, and lately I have been missing it, because it has seemed to disappear. Global Warming... ugh!

This weekend is my "Opening Day". I will be packing my gear and driving up to Windham with my Pauly-face (I'm trying to convince him to make this his legal name, he asked if "Face" should be included as part of his first name or his last). I cannot wait for the weekend. I even love the packing! How crazy is that? Not that there is a lot to pack... I wear most of my cloths, pack the rest, throw my board (with bindings) and boots in the back and go!

I cannot wait! I have the itch! AND after is the fight... Pacquiao vs DelaHoya! GO MANNY! Hopefully I can catch the fight with some friends and family.

Sunday I want to go dress shopping with my sister! Time to pick out some bridesmaids dresses!

What an exciting weekend planned! And next weekend will be even better - VEGAS BABY!

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