Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Best Man Gift

We have talked about it... and have remained stumped. What do you get your best man... especially one that tends to buy what he wants when he wants it? We want it to be heartfelt but not mushy. We want it to be useful and not just a piece to collect dust. We want it to be good.


I thought this money clip said it all... it's all true and I think it's something our best man has only recently come to fully embrace.... and I have to say - I love that about him! I also love that he's been there for me when I began to fully understand what it is I want out of life and how what I want is nothing that my parents or his wanted for me... instead it's a meaningful life filled with love, respect and spirituality. It's not a career driven, money hungry life that tends to define success in the big city in current times. I don't think this gift would cut it - but I do think it would be a nice little add on.

We shall see what the FH thinks... because he never seems to agree with me.

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Paul Rios said...

The FH agrees that this would be a great gift, but probably not sufficient.

So take that!