Thursday, September 16, 2010


I finished yet another book yesterday. Ana Maxted's A Tale of Two Sisters.

It was not a great book, but it wasn't hard to read either. After all, I finished it in only a few days. It deals with some tough subjects... adoption, parenting, miscarriages, sibling rivalry, marriage, etc...

I am happy I read it ... but I'm unhappy I only have 2 more books left in my book case which remain unread. I'm running out and I had just spent $90 in Barnes and Noble.

I know I know - get the Kindle already! Ugh, how I will miss the smell of books - but I thought (or was told) that I should read books via the kindle and if there is one that really stands out ... that I must have - maybe just purchase that one... and leave the rest (like A Take of Two Sisters) to the EBook world.

That is a great compromise.

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