Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Wedding Attire Update!

I'm so excited! Our wedding is NOT budget friendly. As a matter of fact, our budget friendly ideas backfired immensely.

We thought a destination wedding in the mountains would be cheaper than the big NYC wedding - WRONG

We thought flowers, hair stylists, cake, food, beverage would be cheaper too - WRONG

We thought it'd be very small, say 20-25 people - WRONG

But we are still happy. It shows that we have so many loved ones that we are able to to say we expected a mere 20 guests and will be having over 50 in attendance. Still small by traditional wedding standards.

We are thrilled that we are doing it in the Colorado mountains. In hindsight, I still think I'd pick Breckenridge. For the actual wedding, there may be better areas (Tahoe for example), but it would have cost our guests far too much money to fly out there. Breckenridge and Denver in general lend well to a destination wedding. Unfortunately the altitude does not. I will just hope for the best and hope that our guests do not get stubborn and rehydrate often, take it easy, and understand their limits.

One place we have really been able to save on our wedding is our attire. I will admit, my dress still cost more than any garment I've ever purchased in my life, but... it's my wedding dress! I didn't even entertain the idea of shopping at a high end boutique and instead opted for David's Bridal where I found my dress on a day that it was on sale. I got my $1050 dress for $850. I utilized the coupons from purchasing that dress to buy the crinoline I needed and received another 30% off invitations. So from buying that 1 dress from that 1 store - I saved in other areas as well.

Paul decided to buy a tux rather than renting. We have enough black tie events to warrant owning a tux and to return a rental within 24 hours of the event just seemed unreasonable. With a afternoon trip to SYMs, Paul was able to find a beautiful, classic, 100% wool tuxedo by Jones New York for only $199! You really can't beat that price. We then went to Jos A. Bank for this accessories where he purchased his vest, shirt and bow tie at 50% off.

Lastly, my sister's are purchasing their dresses from David's Bridal too, where they will receive $20 off their dresses. Lauren found her dress on our second try heading there. She loved the dress and really didn't want to take it off. She looked fabulous in it and I'm so glad she didn't settle for a dress our 1st time shopping there. She bought it promptly for a whopping $79! Amanda has already picked out here dress, but since she is still growing, I haven't yet ordered it. I will however, need to order it soon.

I will also need to purchase Hannah's Flower Girl dress and Kyle's suit.

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