Thursday, March 31, 2011

Confession: I'm a cnotrol freak

I always knew this but I suppose I try and hide it. I am very much like this when it comes to planning events, trips or vacations. I seem to worry that unless I handle every minute detail, things won't go as planned... or as I desire. So I take charge, I plan, I ask questions and more times than not... the trip is a success. But I know I step on toes... I know I take over what someone else has already tried and done... but to me, they'd done it only 1/2 way. I like to do everything 110%.

I hope that the people appreciate it instead of get annoyed at it. I know I hate when people step on my toes. woops!

For now, my stepping on a buddies toes, may be landing us a great rental house for a super fun weekend and for not too much money. I'm pretty sure they are okay with my toe stepping at least this once.

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