Saturday, March 19, 2011

Riding Log: Day 23 (Hunter)

Today we got up bright and early... no small feet after going to the beer garden... and headed upstate to pick up the kids then go on to hunter for some spring riding... only it was freezing and cloudy and only ice in site. We still had a blast... the kids showed Paul how good they got and he was really shocked at their progression.

Amanda took a hard fall that set her back some... even adults suffer some bad falls that get in there head... Amanda is no different. She's getting there and I'm really proud of her. Not all of us can have the bullet proof confidence of a 6 year old... sometimes Paul forgets that... and I forget to be patient with his impatience. He channels his inner Dad... or his father in general... who is quick to criticize and slow to encourage when speaking of athletics. He's also critical of things he doesn't grasp. I hope that Paul finds the balance with pushing in a positive way and just plain pushing before we have children. We all have much to learn, but when it comes to this specifically, he has more to learn than most.

Anyway, after lunch the sun came out and the snow got softer. It was more fun from there... we did a few tougher runs together and generally just kept having a blast. I'm really glad to have a family so skilled on the snow and with a passion just as strong as my own.

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