Sunday, March 13, 2011

Riding Log: Day 22 (Pico)

Today we decided to hit Pico instead of Killy if nothing but to check it out. We had gotten some snow during the night and it didn't look like it was quitting any time soon. We checked out of the hotel and drove over. We quickly hopped on the lift and strapped in... and just then my strap popped right off. Yep - the ladder broke... at the TOP of the lift. I talked to the lifty who called ski patrol. Here is where I was utterly shocked....

#1 Ski patrol took forever
#2 He came and politely told me he could zip tie my foot to my binding
#3 When I asked how I'd get my foot out - he had no response
#4 He didn't follow me down to ensure the zip ties would hold, that I'd be safe, or that I'd manage to remove my foot from my binding at the bottom.

For all these reasons, I think this man should have a speaking to... but I was so anxious to get on this fresh snow... I just wanted my binding fixed!

After finageling a burton ladder to fit in my rome binding, I gave the man the $5 it cost to fix and headed to the lift again where Paul and I began waiting... then got bored and got on the lift. Soon after we collected our group and headed to the summit. Wow - the snow was amazing up top. There was terrain everywhere and it was just tons and tons of fun. White stuff for ever! I couldn't have been happier. We all kept going until our legs ached and we all were starved and had to use the bathroom. After stopping for lunch we headed back. what became a ... lets just take a few runs here and see... became an all day event. We never did make it to Killington... and there was more than enough to keep us happy at Pico... and shorter lift lines too!

Towards the afternoon - that terrain became moguls and it was so much fun! Such a challenge... my legs were jello and I loved it!

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