Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wedding Video Trailer

We had the most amazing videographer. Calling Tim Sparks a videographer almost seems like we are selling him short... he's an artist.

He didn't do the usual wedding video... filled with boring scenes with bad editing. Instead he captured the most important part... the feel of our wedding. He artfully put it together in something that even the most grinchy family member can enjoy. Here is our wedding trailer... just to give you a taste:

Paul + Lilia Trailer from Tim Sparks on Vimeo.


Demetri said...

good pictures reallyyy... IT looking niceee,,, Thnaks for sharing it

Lilia said...

Thanks Demetri. I clicked on your name and saw you are a photographer in the Boston area! We are moving there in 2 weeks! :) Thanks for the compliments!