Saturday, March 12, 2011

Riding Log: Day 21 (Killington)

So somehow Paul managed to convince me to pack my stuff, take it to work, take the train to my Mom's, grab a car, drive to Killington... and ride all weekend. Well it didn't really take much convincing... I wanted to see him. He's my husband after all.

Driving up was miserable... I was tired but worse the roads were a sheet of ice by the time I got within an hour of Killington. I managed to get up though and that's what counts.

The riding was okay... it was fairly icy but you could just keep an edge. I rode my reverse crew in the AM and my SMF after lunch. I got to meet a bunch of Paul's school buddies which I'm sure made him happy... and we generally had a good time. The morning was slow moving with the fog, slow riders and inability to figure out a good flow... but soon enough we had found it. Paul and I hit he park a few times and I managed to take a few jumps which I'm sure made him happy. I hit the box and the rainbow rail before the day was through. I know I was pumped about it.

It was a great day even with the crap conditions.

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