Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Funny Momment

So wedding planning is in full effect... sorta. Thoughts are being passed around. I kinda want my sister around to discuss before I do anything rash. I'm excited. Now that her wedding has come and gone ... a total success, I know it can be my turn. I don't know why, but I felt it necessary to wait to do all planning till her big day was through. Why steal her thunder?

Anyway, Paul and I have a few things narrowed down... like a general date, location, and type of reception. It's just a matter of booking it all.

Today my mom and I were talking about weddings ... it all started when I asked her to scratch the crochet table cloth she wants to make us. I told her I want this instead!
I am seriously obsessed with this vintage stole. Unfortunately it was found at a thrift store. Who knows if I can find a similar pattern. All my digging today has left me empty.

I also managed to explain to my mom it's not okay for her to try and pick out my wedding dress, yet she insisted on sending me a few hundred photos online. I didn't like any. But then she had me laughing. I opened up a few links and they were all to Latter Day Brides. My mom was finding me modern wear dresses for LDS weddings. Why you ask... because THEY HAVE SLEVES! I told her I'd love a dress with sleeves. She didn't even realize.

Now I have nothing against LDS but, I'm not, nor am I THAT modest. I do want sleeves though. I was actually impressed with one dress, but I think it might have shoulder pads - which is NOT OK.

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Kat said...

Hey, you never know! Shoulder pads might come back into fashion one of these days!

You were awesome for Lauren's wedding and it shows your character to wait until her day was done before even considering to start planning yours. You're a good person, and your wedding will be amazing....No matter what you all decide on doing!