Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Music is a very powerful thing. Think about it... in H.S. many of us defined ourselves best on the music we listened too. The Nirvana, Alice in Chains, grunge crowd. The hip hop table. The pop music Whitestone gals. Yeah, we listened to a little bit of everything, but you were still defined somehow through the music you listened do.

Now as adults, it's still completely powerful. You are still judged based on what's escaping the speakers of your computer. People still grab at your ipod to check out your playlist. My boss enters my office hearing Pearl Jam and asks with disappointment and disapproval, "what are you listening to?" He is the pop music type.

Music is special for me. I've never been one to listen to what's in or what's popular... I'm usually off beat and never know the words while at a club or hanging out with my girls in the car, but what I do know are the songs that touch my soul. There are a good handful of songs floating around the air that can pierce through my chest and make me feel 100 different emotions I've been keeping buried deep down inside. I'm greateful for that release. None of these songs are well known, many are even buried deep down in the bowels of one hit wonders, but they are precious to me.

Music is my release...

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