Thursday, September 3, 2009

TMI ALERT: The Diva Cup Update

So I am dead center in my 2nd menstrual cycle with the Diva Cup and all I can really say is - I will never go back!

The 1st day (Tuesday) wasn't so bad. I put it in and went about my day, but I noticed that after only my morning routine and commute, I had some leakage. I was really worried that I made a mistake putting it in. So at work, I took it out, emptied and reinserted. I leaked again! Basically the whole day I found myself leaking. To the point that on the commute to my mom's (significantly longer than my commute) left me walking funny, worried, and washing my panties when I got home. It was a disaster.

I tried to think of what I did wrong... I didn't turn it once it was in... maybe I wasn't making a good seal. I didn't always do it last time, but maybe that was my mistake. Also last time my cycle was 2 weeks late and very light... yes it was a big scare. But now I'm back to normal... and therefore, a lot heavier. It's as if I'm losing pints. So I need to empty a lot more than last time, which might have been the cause for leakage.

Wednesday (Day 2) proved to be more successful. I inserted in the shower, turned it easily, and was good to go. I emptied once at work and again twisted. No leaks. Before the gym, I did it again. I was VERY worried at the gym that I may leak, but after 1 1/2 hours of running, jumping jacks, weights, crutches, stretches, squats and lunges I had not one drop.

I washed and emptied before bed and again this AM- and so far so good.

It's been a WONDERFUL investment... and I'm helping the environment at the same time!

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